Monday, April 12, 2010

"Global Censorship of Health Claims" podcast link

"Global Censorship of Health Claims" podcast link – Constitutional attorney, Jonathan Emord, returns with his new book, “Global Censorship of Health Information.” Does it seem right to you that supplement companies making and selling selenium, for instance, cannot tell customers about its cancer-protective properties?

The Founding Fathers did not establish a new nation on planet earth so that a bureaucratic oligarchy would one day establish a medical monopoly, restricting the art of healing to petrochemical medicines. Or, would Obama argue otherwise?

Could the Europeanization of health care destroy the little health freedom we have left in the U.S.? We will discuss what we can do about it, including nullification and the potential to create a health freedom state.

It may be time for another Liberty Pulse update with Kurt Wallace as well.

Podcast link:

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