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Autism Speaks but FDA, Big Pharma don't Listen and Multi-Vitamin Madness

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There is a special place in hell reserved for those who defend the drugs and vaccines of Big Pharma against the freedom of parents to protect their children holistically. Each time pharmaceutically-conflicted regulatory bureaucrats - and the congressmen who have abrogated their authority to them – spout off irrationally about the danger of dietary supplements, they move one step closer to that special place.

Rep. Henry Waxman has at least one foot already there as he sneaks a provision in the Finance Reform Bill to strengthen the FTC's ability to ignore the Dietary Supplement Health and Safety Act (DSHEA).

Henry and his ilk are delusional authoritarians seemingly incapable of shedding their cognitive dissonance about the danger of drugs and safety of supplements. Is it really so difficult to recognize that an FDA-approved death is still a death?

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Hour One: Autism Speaks but FDA, Big Pharma don't ListenThe Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex appears to be losing their propaganda war to convince parents of vaccine safety. Will a PBS Frontline Special save them?

Dr. Rashid Buttar returns for the good guys in the Vaccine Wars. How long can vaccine-makers, regulators and doctors get away with attacking parents who have wakened to realize that injecting toxic medicaments (unsafe for drinking) into children is a bad idea?

Why isn’t the misinformation campaign working any more? Because facts and science are on the side of the Autism community. Solidly. And the fact sheet balance is about to swing even more to the Autism groups next Saturday, May 8th and 9th, 2010 at the in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

Upoming: Mark your calendars for the Health Freedom Expo in Chicago, Schaumberg, Illinois June 4,5 and 6, 2010! I look forward to seeing you there!

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Hour Two: Mutivitamin Madness – How is it possible that studies show people who take multivitamins have higher rates of cancer and shorter lifespans? This is the dirty little secret that you're not supposed to know.

Fortunately, Scott Kennedy returns to shed light on the real way to get your multivitamins – from living food! I eat the sun in food form: Super Sea Veg.

Chris Barr drops by to shed light on the darkness, namely Henry Waxman and the Wall Street Reform Bill. Oh Henry! Did you really drop a poison pill in there so that the FTC can wipe out dietary supplement manufacturers and distributors? Waxman is a whack-job. Here's what you need to do.

Time permitting, look for another Liberty Pulse update with Kurt Wallace.

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Stories to follow:

The Assault on Autistic Children and their Parents... "Parents with Autistic children in the US have come to a rude awakening. They have found that, not only would the US drug industry lie to them, but so will the government agencies...”

Congressman Waxman Slips Obscure Anti-Supplement Measure into Wall St. “Reform” Bill Passed by the House; Please Take Action to Prevent Same Thing Happening in the Senate!

Big Brother to track your medication compliance with electronic transmitters in pills “Get your silicon some other way, please.”

GM Food... Feeding the Hungry or Population Control?

Children's cold, allergy medicine recalled "A voluntary recall has been issued for more than 40 over-the-counter drugs for children, including Tylenol and Motrin, because they don't meet quality standards." "FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg gave a similar recommendation in a statement Saturday, saying, 'we want to be certain that consumers discontinue using these products,' though she called the chance for serious health problems 'remote.'"

Here is this week's Moment of DUH: Study: Pregnant women should get more vitamin D

Activists call foul on KFC bucket campaign "This will keep them (Komen) in business for years. They talk about a cure, but this this partnership will create more breast cancer. And Komen knows this," Barbara Brenner, executive director of Breast Cancer Action.

New cancer treatment raises hope, questions “But even as some cancer patients are celebrating, Provenge's huge $93,000 price tag is raising questions about whether Medicare should pay any price for cancer treatments...”

Regular Flu Vaccine Actually INCREASES Risk of Swine Flu The first of the studies found the seasonal vaccine to be associated with an increased risk of approximately 68 percent for pH1N1 disease.

People think 'organic' = fewer calories Wansink and colleagues found people who ate cookies labeled as "organic" believed their snack contained 40 percent fewer calories than the same cookies without the label.

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