Tuesday, May 4, 2010

An inspiring letter from a listener as the Robert Scott Bell Show transitions from TRN to GCNLive.com


First off, thank you for accepting me as a friend on your Facebook. I was very sad indeed to hear your last on-air broadcast over a major radio broadcasting network. Your message on health and freedom is needed now more than ever before. You’ve been on the air for 8 years but I only discovered you 2 years ago. I’ll never forget the first time I heard you on KIXW Talk 960 in the High Desert of So. California. Your passion and enthusiasm were quite evident and the high energy and pace of your show was quite enthralling. I was hooked from Day One and I became a faithful listener from that day forth.

You have inspired and educated me immensely. It was because of you I decided to try raw milk and make it a part of my diet once again. When you mentioned Antoine Béchamp, it rang as a familiar name that I had heard in the past from my previous healthy lifestyle endeavors. It was because of you that I went back and started reading again about Béchamp and the Law of the Terrain, re-educating myself once again. When you proclaimed that you hosted “the fastest two hours of healing information on radio,” you weren’t kidding! You offered up so much information, and with my growing appetite for health knowledge, I devoured it ravenously.

It was because of you that I went to the 2009 Health Freedom Expo in Long Beach, CA, where my wife and I introduced ourselves to you, and you, in turn, introduced us to Christopher Barr, Bill Tufts of Orange TKO, and the other sponsors that were there with you. We gratefully gave them our support. We learned so much at that Expo and meeting you was the highlight of it all for me. We came to see you once again this year, as well, and it was another fantastic experience for both of us.

We really appreciated your truth on the hoax that was the so-called H1N1 Flu Pandemic and your warnings against accepting the H1N1 Flu Vaccine and the regular Flu Shot, as well. Having had a family member fall victim to Guillain-Barre Syndrome right after having a regular flu shot, we fully believed what we were hearing on your show about the connection between the two. And, we personally know two women who lost their mid-term fetuses within 2-4 weeks of getting the H1N1 Vaccine. People need to know this kind of truth!

If I had to pick one thing from your show that has made the biggest impact on me and my family’s health, it would easily be that of Sovereign Silver, which we instantly started using in our immuno-support protocol. It’s been over two years now that we have not had to visit a doctor during cold and flu season. We use it daily for immune system health year-round and we have seen Silver Hydrosol’s efficacy in action countless times in fighting off and reversing oncoming illnesses. We can’t thank you enough for just that one single positive health-enhancing homeopathic supplement. Our quality of life is better because of it.

I’m glad to see you have a new home already on GCN and we will continue to follow you and listen to your message about natural health and preserving our freedom in how we choose to be healthy!

God Bless.

RSB comments:

Thank you Scott for those kind words of support, enthusiasm and encouragement! Your experience reveals the reality in the statement: "The Power to Heal is Yours!" It's not just a slogan, it's the truth. I am inspired every time I hear another remarkable transformation. We've still got a lot of work to do - so please keep spreading the healing word.

Your friend in Health Freedom and Liberty,

Robert Scott Bell

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