Friday, May 14, 2010

"Raw Milk Rebels, Cancer Cures & No Permission" podcast link

"Raw Milk Rebels, Cancer Cures & No Permission" podcast link – It's not enough that government agencies do not want you to know that there are natural cures for cancer! They also have to make sure that no American consumes milk raw from a cow or goat! How long will it be before they mandate that mother's pasteurize their breast milk before feeding it to baby? Happy Mother's Day!

Causes of cancer? According to the American Cancer Society, beware of sunlight and hormones. I suppose I need to revisit the real cause – ignorance and arrogance by men who understand nothing about the laws of Creation.

Shane Ellison drops by for a Mother's Day chat to reveal the real causes of cancer and what to do about it – including the avoidance of synthetic vitamins.

Join me for another Liberty Pulse update with Kurt Wallace, this time on the pasteurized milk dumping in Boston Harbor.

Brent Leung also drops by for a House of Numbers update.

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