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Unvitamins, Unminerals, Raw Milk Rebels, Cancer Cures & No Permission Needed

Radio broadcast on Sunday, May 9, 2010 from 1 PM to 3 PM EDT: The greatest threat to freedom, as I have argued for years, is the ignorance of We the People as to the source of freedom.

Liberty does not come from government. Never has, never will. The best that our Founding Fathers could hope for was that we would not forget that government was instituted among men in order to protect freedom, not grant it.

As Henry Waxman attacks our freedom to heal, as do bureaucrats from the FDA and FTC, it should be obvious by now the the greatest enemy of freedom is government. However, if I take it a step further, we have met the enemy and he is us.

Smoky the Bear used to remind us that “Only you can prevent forest fires.” In health, this is also true. Only you can prevent the government from taking away your freedom to heal. Are you still under the illusion that we have troops fighting around the world in order that we may remain free? If that were the case, Americans could not be jailed merely for acknowledging that the dietary supplements they may manufacture or sell can prevent and reverse disease, even cancer.

Government has become the protector of large multi-national corporations with no allegiance to any nation or state, rather than the freedom of the people to heal in ways superior to FDA-approved toxins.

This Mother's Day, please remember that it may only be a matter of time before FDA prohibits breast-feeding moms from feeding their babies unless pasteurizing their breast milk first.

Yeah, it's insane, but what do you expect from drug-money addicted bureaucrats?

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Hour One: Unvitamins and Unminerals – How does a smart nutrition-guy like Gary Null get poisoned by one of his own dietary supplements? Perhaps it was not food?

When you eat too much of (even) a good thing in food form, you may get a bellyache, but it passes quickly. When you consume isolated, synthetic nutrients outside of the balanced array of co-factors and trace elements as they occur in nature, toxicity can become a life-threatening thing.

Scott Kennedy returns to shed light on the real way to get your multivitamins – from living food! I eat the sun in food form: Super Sea Veg.

Upcoming: Mark your calendars for the Health Freedom Expo in Chicago, Schaumberg, Illinois June 4, 5 and 6, 2010! I look forward to seeing you there!

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Hour Two: Raw Milk Rebels, Cancer Cures and No Permission – It's not enough that government agencies do not want you to know that there are natural cures for cancer! They also have to make sure that no American consumes milk raw from a cow or goat! How long will it be before they mandate that mother's pasteurize their breast milk before feeding it to baby? Happy Mother's Day!

Causes of cancer? According to the American Cancer Society, beware of sunlight and hormones. I suppose I need to revisit the real cause – ignorance and arrogance by men who understand nothing about the laws of Creation.

Shane Ellison drops by for a Mother's Day chat to reveal the real causes of cancer and what to do about it – including the avoidance of synthetic vitamins.

Join me for another Liberty Pulse update with Kurt Wallace, this time on the pasteurized milk dumping in Boston Harbor.

Brent Leung also drops by for a House of Numbers update.

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Americans 'Bombarded' with Cancer Causes "The American Cancer Society said the report downplayed known risks that cause most cases of cancer including tobacco, obesity, alcohol, infections, hormones and sunlight." Sunlight and hormones cause cancer? Why does anyone take the ACS seriously? Even obesity does not cause cancer! Americans are being bombarded by stupidity coming from non-profits that only make money as long as cure for cancer is never revealed.

Now There’s Pig Virus DNA in Merck’s Rotavirus Vaccine, Too "It said doctors should stop using the (GSK) vaccine, even though there was no evidence of a health threat, and switch instead to Merck’s vaccine, RotaTeq." Never mind that both the GSK and Merck versions have pig virus DNA. What's a little foreign animal virus DNA between pharmaceutical friends?

More Doctors Giving Pharma Sales Reps the Cold Shoulder "...58% of prescribing doctors now fall into that rep-friendly category, down from 71% in the previous survey." What does it matter as long as Congress is 99% friendly to the lobbyists of Big Pharma? Big Government picks up where cheerleader drug reps leave off. Give me a “D!” Give me an “R!” Give me a “U!” Give me a “G!” I don't think so...

Novartis in thicket of H1N1 vaccine cancellations "Governments threatened Novartis with "severe consequences" if the company didn't deliver more vaccine more quickly. "Some of these governments, of course, they called four weeks later and said, you know what, now we don't need it..." Global governments are made up of a bunch of yahoos that do not even know that germs don't cause disease – and yet they are demanding that companies produce dangerous products for which there is no need. When the people recognize the scam, they pass Obama-care to force acceptance of unneeded, unwanted products in order to insure the gravy-train keeps rolling in Washington, D.C. How? The Taxpayer money used to buy drugs/vaccines is the same money used to lobby Congress for more Taxpayer money. Toxic assets? That's what We the People have become. Are you still participating in your own demise?

Maternal Health: A New Study Challenges Benefits of Vitamin A for Women and Babies "Finding ways to get more food to young women might be more effective than getting them vitamin pills, the commentary’s authors said." Clearly, this week's Moment of DUH. Giving poor malnourished women a synthetic macrovitamin isolate does not reverse comprehensive nutrient deficiencies, lack of sanitation and less-than-ideal hygiene. I suppose as long as BASF and Hoffman La Roche can fool us into believing synthetic nutrients are better than the real thing, they know that we'll also fall for the concept of drug-deficiency diseases.

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