Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Losing Vaccinations and Antibiotics" podcast link

"Losing Vaccinations and Antibiotics" podcast link – What happens after you figure out that vaccines may not be the disease prevention that they have been sold to be? Dr. Sherri Tenpenny may drop by to update us on the autistic vaccine scandals and preview the Health Freedom Expo. If not, I will cover it on my own.

Prevention? There are so many ways to prevent disease that do not involve pharmaceutical toxins – more than I can fit in one or two hours – but I'll try!

I meant to cover more about the Vitamin D controversy last week but ran out of time. Let's see if I can fit it in this week (or maybe next). Sheep lanolin? Most of it actually comes from pigskins. Kosher it is not.

Seven times the charm? Jonathan Emord and the Alliance for Natural Health have beaten the FDA again, this time on the selenium issue. Will this be enough to put this rogue agency back in check?

Join me for another Liberty Pulse update with Kurt Wallace, this time on the Gulf oil spill and Kagan's Monsanto relationship.

Podcast link: http://gcnlive.com/Archives2010/may10/RobertScottBell/0530101.mp3

Thanks for tuning in where there's more healing in two hours than most shows have in a whole year!

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