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Vitamin Liberty, Dr. Wakefield and Callous Vaccine Disregard

Radio broadcast on Sunday, June 13, 2010 from 1 PM to 3 PM EDT: Why are degreed medical professionals with pharmaceutical conflicts of interest considered legitimate experts in the realm of health care? Because the old (mainstream) media has the same conflicts of interest.

When discussing cancer, why are they not able to acknowledge that nutrients like selenium can actually reverse cancer? Is it really intelligent to propagandize for chemotherapeutic agents, especially when they often hasten the demise (and increase the suffering) of cancer patients? I suppose it might be considered intelligent (although unconscionable in my book) if your goal is to increase profits (or ad revenue).

If you profit from Federal Reserve Notes and the legal tender monopoly (i.e., the politicians, Wall Street and the banking industry) it would behoove you to speak out about gold and silver being real money, or having a legitimate and comprehensive audit of the Fed.

Is slavery the human condition, or just a habit honed from living as slaves and slaveholders for thousands of years? The slavery to which I refer knows no skin color, only economics.

One of the most efficient means by which you can enslave a population is to weaken the biological integrity of everyone in it. Pesticides, synthetic medicines, additives, preservatives, flavorings and colorings are indiscriminate in their destruction of enzymes and hormones. But they are FDA-approved. Nutritional deficiencies in response to these toxins complete the cycle of lowering the survival mechanism to that of a mild reactionary, not one who can defend freedom with any degree of efficiency.

Let there be a separation of medicine and state. Add to that agriculture and state. Why do you think that state and federal agencies are attacking small family farmers who would dare provide organic, non-GMO raw foods (including real milk) to their communities?

If you think government is your friend, you are dangerously nutrient deficient and drug proficient.

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Hour One: Vitamin Liberty – How to supplement? If you are not getting your nutrients from food sources, from where are you getting them? Do you get your Vitamin D from sheep lanolin and pigskins – or sunlight, seaweed and raw (real) milk? Super Sea Veg or Big Pharma? Seems like a no-brainer to me.

If your multi-vitamins are synthetic, they do not count as nutrition. Scott Kennedy returns to hammer home the most important message you may ever hear about healing.

In our Liberty Pulse update with Kurt Wallace, we welcome liberty candidate Jake Towne as he runs to reverse the government trend towards totalitarianism. Got constitution? Can he raise 50k by the 15th? His opponent believes in forced DNA extraction and stripping suspects of U.S. Citizenship? Support Jake.

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Hour Two: Callous Vaccine Disregard – How many good people will be banned in Britain? First, it was Michael Savage, now it's a physician-researcher who had the audacity to investigate and publish his findings about the link between vaccines and autism. Dr. Andrew Wakefield joins me to discuss his findings regarding this link, particularly as it stems from the intestinal destruction caused by vaccination.

Has the link really been unproven as the mainstream media seems to indicate, or are the attacks on this conscientious doctor designed to protect the profitability of the last growth sector of the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex?

If you have the intestinal fortitude to listen, this is the interview you are never going hear in the mainstream media. Even much of the alternative media in talk radio and the internet often miss the critical issue underlying the danger of vaccines. What is it? You will have to tune in and find out.

Greg Ciola drops by from the Crusador News to wrap things up for the week. What can you do to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the chemical dispersant being sparyed on the Gulf oil spill? Is there an antibiotic-breast cancer connection? Go to to get your first copy of the Crusador, absolutely free!

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News Stories to follow:

FDA Warns Pfizer for Not Reporting Side Effects "In a 12-page warning letter to Pfizer Chief Executive Jeffrey Kindler, the FDA cited numerous examples involving some of the company's top-known brands, including impotence drug Viagra, cholesterol pill Lipitor and seizure medicine Lyrica." Why can't they be honest in their description of that which they call side effects? Side effects are actually DIRECT effects of the drugs that are undesirable to those trying to market it to those who likely do not need it.

Cancer Drug Avastin Can Cause Kidney Damage "The study found that the drug increases the risk of severe protein loss from the kidneys -- a condition called proteinuria -- which can in turn lead to kidney damage." Why take a drug for cancer when the cancer is not evidence of a drug deficiency? Read Shane Ellison's OTC Natural Cures to learn that the drug industry is actually causing cancer, not curing it!

MOMENT OF DUH - Quitting Smoking Before Pregnancy Could Save Babies' Lives "Looking at the data, researchers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that smoking during pregnancy resulted in 5 percent to 8 percent of all premature births and 13 percent to 19 percent of full-term babies with a low birth weight. Researchers also found that 5 percent to 7 percent of deaths among the premature infants -- and 23 percent to 34 percent of deaths caused by SIDS -- could have been prevented if the mother had not smoked." Ya' think? Although this study may be another smokescreen to prevent you from knowing that vaccines are also significant contributing factors to SIDS.

Burgers May Feed Kids' Asthma Risk "Our results support previous reports that the adherence to a Mediterranean diet, which is characterized by a high intake of fruit, vegetables and fish and a low intake of meat, burger and fizzy drinks, may provide partial protection against asthma in childhood," said lead researcher Dr. Gabriele Nagel, from the Institute of Epidemiology at Ulm University in Germany. No mention of the quality of the food consumed? What if the burgers came from pasture-fed cows raised with no synthetic growth hormone and antibiotics? Factory farming? That's not food.

WHO Responds to Critics on Handling of H1N1 Pandemic "Nature reported that many countries had already placed orders for vaccine before a pandemic was declared. And it said that just three of 22 scientists involved with a 2004 document on the use of antivirals and vaccines during a pandemic had declared conflicts of interest." That's their answer to the criticism as being an over-hyped pharmaceutical profit-making pronouncement machinery? Whoop-de-fricken-do. “Countries purchased some vaccine before we declared it a pandemic” – so WHO claims to be off the hook? Nope. They're on drugs.

The FDA Denies Suppressing An Avandia Study The impact of risks is “substantial.” And they estimate those 48,000 patients experienced serious cardiovascular harm or death as a result of using Avandia instead of Actos. “The national impact has been undoubtedly much greater because our estimate does not account for (Avandia) use among patients under the age of 65 years, where an estimated 61.6 percent of (Avandia) use occurred through mid-2009. This would place (Avandia) in the same category as (Vioxx)with respect to magnitude and severity of population harm. Why are we even argueing about the obvious danger of drugs fro diabetes, which, in nearly every case, is the result of a deficiency of GTF Chromium? For fractions of a penny on the fiat dollar, we can reverse nearly every case of diabetes without drugs. However, that cannot be allowed in a government-sanctioned medical monopoly, for it eats into illicit profits gleaned by keeping the people ignorant of inexpensive natural cures. More government will not solve this crisis. Government facilitates it.

Why Patients Aren’t Getting the Shingles Vaccine "In the two years since the vaccine became available, fewer than 10 percent of all eligible patients have received it. Despite the best intentions of patients and doctors (and no shortage of needles and syringes), the shingles vaccine has failed to take hold, in large part because of the most modern of obstacles." Which obstacles? Cost, and the fact that doctors could not frighten people enough with the chicken pox virus that they would be willing to roll up their sleeves and foot the bill. This is why vaccines need the power, force and mandate of government, because in a free market economy (and with full disclosure) a much smaller percentage of the population would be willing to subject themselves to questionable medicine.

FDA Advisory Panel To Review Dental Amalgam "The concerns raised include the adequacy of the risk assessment method used by the FDA in classifying dental amalgam, the bioaccumulative effect of mercury, the exposure of pediatric populations to mercury vapor, and the adequacy of the clinical studies on dental amalgam." Go ahead, argue that mercury is safe in the mouths of children. I dare you. The FDA is clearly mercury-toxic. Learn more at

Parents of epileptics find costs kill the cure...the most trying cases for Loughran are those she isn’t taking, from local parents desperate for help with their epileptic children. Hailed by parents and physicians as something of a lifesaver, Loughran isn't able to save lives in Portland anymore because she can't find a hospital or a private practice to hire her.Why? The current disease care mandated medical model does not support food over drugs. Obama-care on steroids and antibiotics only.

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