Saturday, March 5, 2011

Alzheimer’s Disease, the Liver, Childhood Clarity, Dollar Definition & Futuristic Flu Shots

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Hour One: Alzheimer’s Disease and the Liver – From where does brain and neuro-degeneration originate? SURPRISE! It’s not in the brain. Recent research is pointing to the liver as the place where Alzheimer’s originates. Why?

Scripps Research Study Points To Liver, Not Brain, As Origin Of Alzheimer's Plaques!

Stephen Heuer, from Cocoon Nutrition returns with more details about how to increase glutathione levels to open detox pathways and thus prevent neurological degradation. One World Whey is a simple way to feed the glutathione production (increasing up to 64%) so necessary for optimal cellular health and detoxification. If you would like to try it, call 1-888-988-3325 to get yours!

How about Far Infrared Heat healing light saunas for toxin removal? Absolutely.

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Hour Two: Childhood Clarity, Dollar Definition & Futuristic Flu Shots – What is the definition of a dollar and why should it matter? Congressman Ron Paul questioned the Fed’s Ben Bernanke about the definition of a dollar. You’ll never guess what he said it was.

Also, Utah may be the first state to restore integrity to money since passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. What does this mean? As states consider a return to gold and silver as money, are you prepared?

Do pediatricians help or hinder childhood development? Are shots now considered essential nutrients? What other nutrient needs special liability protection by the government in order to remain on the market?

Do we really need more flu shots – even futuristic ones?

Cancer patients on opioid drugs getting confused – could this be a Moment of Duh?

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