Monday, March 28, 2011

Dr. Buttar, Medical Rewind, Donna Fisher, Dave Stetzer and Dirty Electricity Solutions on The Robert Scott Bell Show March 28, 2011

Robert Scott Bell Show March 28, 2011

It’s Advanced Medicine Monday, the Medical Rewind with Dr. Rashid Buttar. We’ll talk more radiation – this time in relation to modern medicine’s use of it for diagnosis and treatment. Also:

· Do mammograms detect or cause oxidative stress and cancer?

· What about the 2010 President’s Cancer Report?

· Prostate cancer, too.

· Flu Shot fallacies.

· Fallacy of better detection and diagnosis as an explanation for autism.

· What about foreign DNA in vaccines? What is it doing?

· Why are cancer patients getting younger and younger? and

The first hour comes from the Health Freedom Expo with special guests:

Donna Fisher, author of Dirty Electricity discusses an invisible scourge affecting the health of millions of people.

Dave Stetzer for Stetzer Electric with very practical and workable solutions for dirty electricity on your home or office (or my radio studio).

Bryce Shonka joins me from the Tenth Amendment Center to discuss constitutionally-limited government and the Nullify Now tour. See you in Austin!

Bill Tufts drops by for some environmental clean-up with Orange TKO!

Limited time offer! Peace-of-Mind Homeopathic medicine kit, including remedies for radiation exposure! Available for a limited time only at this special $84.95 price (includes free shipping) for RSB Show listeners:

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