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Mike Adams, Far Infrared Healing Light, Sovereign Silver & Ear Candles on The Robert Scott Bell Show March 24, 2011

Robert Scott Bell Show March 24, 2011

Mike Adams returns to talk more Economic Survival! Even Federal Reserve Bank presidents say that the U.S. government is close to insolvency! We’ll cover some of what you need to know to escape economic (and health) enslavement. and

Is your state acting responsibly to demand GMO food labeling?

What about far infrared healing light technology? It’s more than just sweating it out! My good friend, Phil Wilson, from Momentum98, joins me from the Natural Products Expo West to explain.

Have you ever heard of “Debt for Nature” swaps?

Is the TSA radiating you or themselves, or the both of you?

What is the story behind the product? I was able to interview Theo Quinto, son of Stephen Quinto, founder of Natural Immunogenics (Sovereign Silver) at the Natural Products Expo West recently. It’s quite a story. and

Urgent action alert on Ear Candles! The FDA wants them banned, the federal judiciary wants to dismiss the lawsuit against the FDA! What can we do? and

Have you ever heard of the auto-immune disease called sarcoidosis? We’ll share a dramatic healing story using natural remedies and supplements!

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