Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dan Olmsted Age of Autism, ANH-USA S.216 Leahy Bill Update, Bug Repellant, IBS Cure & More on The Robert Scott Bell Show April 21, 2011

Dan Olmsted joins me from the Age of Autism to discuss the latest on the autism vaccine wars. The Orange County Register retracts Autism Science Foundation Paul Offit’s lies about those who question the vaccine-link to autism. Dan is co-author of The Age of Autism: Featured Advocacy Reception at Autism One/Generation Rescue Conference. and

What’s the latest on the Leahy Bill (S.216) passed out of the Senate? Darrell Rogers, communications director from the Alliance for Natural Health drops by with an update and action items. and

Repelling bugs with the essence of grapefruit? Nootkatone and D-limonene to the recue! and

Are preventive drugs a waste of money? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

Do we have a Moment of Duh? Oh boy, do we! I wonder if minimizing the side effects from chemoradiation would help brain cancer patients live longer? What about he direct effects?!?

How about another simple solution for Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Quick, before the FDA bans it as an unapproved new drug!

Do you really want to wait for socialized medicine?

Sharing bounty with food banks? Grow your own garden!

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