Monday, April 18, 2011

John Willard III on Dr. Willard's Water, Drugs in Space, RFID Veggies & Serious Depression on The Robert Scott Bell Show April 19, 2011

Robert Scott Bell Show April 19, 2011

Congressional Dietary Supplement Caucus met with staffers from the 112th Congress recently. What does RSB think of the meeting? It will definitely be politically incorrect!

John Willard III joins me from Willard Water to share the back-story of this amazing supplement! Dr. Willard (his grandfather) was a great scientist and has left us with a wonderful tool for health restoration! Stay tuned for this fascinating piece of American healing history! and

Do your veggies have Radio Frequency Identification tags (RFID)? Thanks to the Food Safety Modernization Act, they soon will. Oh boy, have I got something to say about that!

Drugs in Space! Huh?

It’s time for another exploration of depression and the natural ways and techniques to get out of it. GSK admits that Paxil contributes to suicidal thoughts, tendencies and behaviors.

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