Monday, April 11, 2011

A Return to Common Sense, Tom Mullen, D-feat Cancer, Organic Obesity & More on The Robert Scott Bell Show April 12, 2011

Robert Scott Bell Show April 12, 2011

Tom Mullen, author of “A Return to Common Sense: Reawakening Liberty in the Inhabitants of America” joins me for a candid discussion of parental rights, Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, Social Security, the welfare/warfare state and more! I first met Tom at Nullify Now in Orlando last year. He is incredibly insightful and rooted in principle, just what we can use a bit more of right now! and

Is there really a research charity looking into nutritional deficiencies as a cause of cancer? Yes and it’s called the Vitamin D Foundation. Matt Russell joins me to discuss what he’s up against being an advocate for sun exposure and even technological support for Vitamin D production to D-feat cancer. We’ll talk about Carole Baggerly and her Grass Roots Health initiative as well. and and

What’s the link between allergies and depression? I can assure you that allergy sufferers do not need Prozac.

Does the flu virus cause pneumonia? Nope, but vaccine enthusiasts are sure trying to make the case! I will get to the bottom of it…

What is the Halo Effect and why are they using it to pick on organic food? It’s a stretch, but I guess they’ll try anyting to get you back on pesticides!

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Does organic food cause obesity? Oh, please!

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