Saturday, April 9, 2011

A World Gone Mad - Attempted Murder for Refusing Chemotherapy? Plus, Round-up Ready Cancer Cause or Crop Aid?

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Hour One: A World Gone Mad - Attempted Murder for Refusing Chemotherapy? Last week we discussed the reality of being jailed for protecting your children from FDA-approved pharmaceutical drugs. This week government has gone even madder charging a mother with attempted murder for refusing to administer toxic chemotherapy to her autistic son. The Greek’s have nothing on a tragedy like this. This is another classic case of a mom being prosecuted for resisting medication as Mass. mom admits withholding cancer meds from son. Get ready, the microphone might not be able to take what I have to say…

Thank goodness that nutritional expert Bill Stanton returns to discuss non-toxic cancer therapies and the freedom to administer them without being criminalized by a pharmaceutically conflicted police state.

Medical authorities insist that vaccines are safe, right? Then why is this wrongly injected toddler Battling Leukemia? Even though this vaccine was mistakenly injected into a toddler -- why would it cause this problem? Would an alternative medicine have done this?

What’s the latest on the budget agreement that took place late Friday night? Read Mike Adams’ perspective to get insights into mine as the last-minute budget deal narrowly avoids the Big Government shutdown America desperately needs to balance its budget.

Could there be good news for the First Amendment? With your help - Free speech in health science may become a reality – check out HR 1364!

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Hour Two: Round-up Ready Cancer Cause or Crop Aid – Could we be destroying ourselves in the insane effort to destroy weeds? Could weeds be the answer to the allopathic health care crisis? I shall explain, while we reveal techniques and substances to rid our bodies of Monsanto’s toxic waste products. Is it a Cancer cause or crop aid? Herbicide faces big test.

Move along. Nothing to see here... FDA: No Need for Stiffer Warnings on ADHD Drugs

Martin Skye joins me with news of The Great Disaster of Northern Japan Expat Relief Fund:

GSK is massing the troops. Restless Leg Syndrome is the enemy. Or is the mighty dollar the motivation? Hmmm....GSK readies 500 reps for Horizant launch

OH MAN....where should I go with this one? Racist? Angry? The answer may be in a pill.

Plus, we’ll have a Japan radiation update. I will also revisit some homeopathic medicines that counteract radiation in the body, as well as a comprehensive preparedness kit released just for my listeners! Call King Bio at 800.543.3245 right away for an exclusive offer to RSB Show listeners!

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How about Far Infrared Heat healing light saunas for drug/toxin removal? Phil Wilson, from Momentum98, stops by to detoxify the drug madness.

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