Monday, May 2, 2011

Dr. Catherine Rott, Parental Rights, BPA Wheeze, Hep C Liver Detox, Uncensored bin Laden Perspective & More on The Robert Scott Bell Show May 3, 2011

Have you ever wondered how federal, state and local governmental authorities, usually pharmaceutically-motivated, can assume custody of your children so easily? Maryanne Godboldo, Abraham Cherrix and thousands of others have found out the hard way that their family may not be their own. But why?

Dr. Catherine Rott joins me to tell her harrowing and horrific tale of protecting one of her children from licensed oncologists and child protective services. From the U.S. to Switzerland and back – what she discovered should send shockwaves though every parent in the United States. Are you prepared to know the secret to preventing the state from kidnaping your children should you one day refuse vaccinations, psychiatric medicines or even chemotherapy? This is the interview all moms and dads must hear – and hear again!!/catherinerott

After 36 hours of radio silence on the matter, I simply must sound off on the reported killing of Osama bin Laden. Warning! What I have to say would never be allowed in the old media. Despite the hatred in the narrative, rest assured that I will find a way to bring some Vitamin L to the discussion.

What do you think would be better for premature infant development – powdered cow milk substitute or human donor breast milk?

Facebook friend Pat wants to know: “…is this true about microwaved water?” He is referring to the story Viashali told yesterday about he experiment of watering two plants, one with spring water and one with microwaved water. I’ll reveal what I believe to be the only valid use for your microwave oven…

Facebook friend Ches’ writes: “I have a friend who is interested in trying the tree of life liver cleanse. This person has Hep. C - is this advisable?”

Facebook friend Mark writes: “Hey Robert is rescue remedy cream good for a dry face? I know Jojoba oil works well too I’ve been using that for the past few months. I use a shower filter but I still suffer from a dry face unless I put jojoba oil on it. I am thinking rescue remedy cream will work well too. Let me know what your opinion is on it. Thanks for your advice on the hair growth products they work well especially the Alta Health products Silica, and I can get it at the Whole Foods where I live. Keep on rocking the health freedom world.”

Could BPA be the reason that your child is wheezing? Consider detoxification and homeopathic respiratory remedies such as Bryonia, Antimonium tart., Drosera and Spongia tosta.

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