Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Autopsies forecast surge in U.S. heart disease "The dietary quality has deteriorated over the last 15 years," said Dr. Phillip Mellen of the Hattiesburg Clinic, "In our study, the youngest age group was the age group with the worst disease."

Even though most people would claim to be in opposition to it, cardiovascular suicide is what millions of Americans are engaged in by adopting the platform of the American Heart Association. It is absurd to chase cholesterol when oxidative stress unanswered by adequate whole food nutrition (including Chromium, Selenium and Silica) is already scientifically acknowledged to be the root of all circulatory evil. This problem has been with us for so long now that it should be embarrassing to the medical profession which seems not to pay attention to its own science.

"Studies of American soldiers killed in Korean and Vietnam wars showed that nearly 75% of them already had developed some form of atherosclerosis by age 25 or younger."

How can it be that with all of our knowledge the problem has actually gotten worse, not better, over the last 40 years? Can you say the Church of Biological Mysticism? Misplaced faith in pharmaceutical drugs has led to mass suicide akin to the massacre that occurred in Guyana under the cult of Jim Jones. Freedom of Religion is one thing, but a mandated medical monopoly, ESPECIALLY one this stupid is surely a violation of the Establishment Clause of our duly ordained Constitution for these united States of America. As you awake from your cardiovascular slumber, don't forget to ingest cod liver oil every day, rather than remain under the illusion that heart disease is evidence of a statin drug deficiency...

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