Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Feds prescribe new recipe for flu shot "Next year's flu vaccine is getting a complete overhaul to provide protection against three new and different influenza strains — hopefully better protection than this year's version."

Here they go again. The danger of democracy in action occurs each year when welfare scientists on the Flu Shot Advisory Committee meet to vote on next year's influenza vaccine. What are the odds that they'll get it right next year? You can view my perspective from the video Sweet Remedy by going here:

What magical powers do the Feds have to determine what to put in the flu shot each year? Lunacy abounds at the CDC, especially as evidence of their delusional belief in the power of biological democracy. "Every vote must count!" Actually, the only ones that are counted are those from the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex with conflicts of interests heavier than the mercury-based thimerasol still found in most flu vaccines.

The CDC and its flu shot cronies are evidence of immunological insanity stemming from their infantile perspective on immune function. Having an antibody to next years "predicted" flu is no guarantee of protection. It is the health of the terrain that is essential to the protection of life, not the presence or absence of an antibody. When will they acknowledge the existence of Antoine Bechamp? Don't wait, lest you become a victim of Louis Pasteur's immature understanding of biology.

The Law of the Terrain trumps the Germ Theory, but the Feds remain hopelessly lost in a sea of microbes of their own artificial creation. I dub thee the Centers for Disease Creation and Abomination. You no longer have to become their willing participant or victim. Plan now for next flu season by restoring integrity to your own terrain. Maybe then all the unused flu vaccine will be served at next year's CDC Christmas party. Next question: "Who spiked the punch with Thimerasol? Does that little wang flavor they taste come from the labs of Merck or Sanofi-Aventis?" Hmmm.

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