Tuesday, February 26, 2008

GSK Receives Favorable Recommendation by FDA Advisory Committee for Rotarix "Rotavirus infects virtually every child in the U.S. by age five and is the leading cause of severe gastroenteritis in infants and young children worldwide."

Diarrhea or intestinal collapse and death? Which would you choose as a parent? If you look to the federal government to be your mommy and daddy, then you must perceive the risk of death to vaccine as worthwhile in the prevention of completely treatable diarrhea. I am not one to ordinarily call for licensure, but geez, if you do not see the danger of making every childhood symptom evidence of a vaccine deficiency, perhaps you are not ready to bring children into this world. Turning over your kids to the state is a dangerous and irresponsible thing for parents to do. GSK in combination with the CDC does not a parental substitute make unless you believe that government is an arbiter of biological truth that can only be known by virtue of being a part of some ancient order of an artificial antibody cult. Last week's notes include reference to numerous natural cures for diarrhea. Here they are again:

In the homeopathic realm, there are a few critical ones that come to mind, including Baptisia, Podophyllum, Arsenicum alb., Cinchona (China), Baptisia and Chamomilla. I grow impatient with the vaccination worshippers who see normal physiological function as something that should be prevented by injecting toxic medicaments not approved for ingestion into their children.

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