Saturday, February 16, 2008

I Was Right About The Bird Flu Hoax

More and more of you are beginning to catch on to the game of the medical industrial complex. Create fear and helplessness and then swoop down from the heavens with magic potions to be injected or ingested by force, if necessary. Internment camps for coughing, you say? Don't laugh, as Pandemic legislation paves the way for just such a reality. If they say "Bird Flu" you'll just have to believe them. If you don't, can you say, "house arrest"? All to prevent the spread of something that may never happen. Even if it did, there are numerous means to pulmonary salvation, including the nebulization and inhalation of Silver Hydrosol and Glutathione. It must suck being an Avian Flu aficionado, especially when you realize that the more you perpetuate irrational fear, the more likely the natives are to grab their pitchforks when they learn the truth. Is anybody at the CDC or NIH listening? Send them some Ear Candles...

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