Saturday, February 16, 2008

The MRSA Saga Continues...

Hospitals now must report serious staph cases to officials "The an initial step by state officials to gain insight into an alarming increase in drug-resistant staph infections that are now believed to kill 19,000 Americans a year." Modern medicine creates problem. Big government encroaches with more mandates on the medical profession. Medical care becomes more expensive and less available. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama kill what's left of freedom and it becomes a criminal offense to seek help outside of government-mandated medical care(lessness). Just how good is the semi-private hospital-focused medical industry?

"A landmark study in the Journal of the American Medical Association in October found that nearly 60 percent of life-threatening MRSA cases occurred among people who were infected within a year of having been hospitalized for any reason, and that an additional 25 percent acquired their infections while they were patients in a hospital."

Hmmm. Nosocomial infections of the MRSA variety linked to hospital visits. I have been saying it for years, but the last place you want to go when you are sick is the hospital. If you have to go, get out as soon as you are able and replenish your healthy gut flora with Dr. Ohirra's Probiotics 12 Plus, pronto. What else can you do with man-made microbes? Ingest lots of Uniform Picoscalar Oligodynamic Silver Hydrosol. Oil of Oregano, Beta 1-3, 1-6 Glucan, Colostrum, Allicin-stabilized Garlic, Homeopathic Hepar sulfur calcarea and more are also available from the natural world to help correct the mistakes rooted in man's arrogance. Oh, and stay out of hospitals!

Three MRSA cases confirmed at Lima Senior It is certainly safe for the students to attend school, but parents need to be watchful,” Superintendent Karel Oxley said. Watchful for what? Probably microbes, according to the authorities. Very little attention is paid to the terrain of these immune-compromised children. IF the kids were truly healthy, they could withstand this so-called super bug, which is only considered "super" because it has made a specific adaptation to outwit methicillen. It is no stronger than regular staph and in some cases it may be weaker. What is for sure is that the kids are weaker each generation that we rely on drugs instead of nutrition for good health and preventive maintenance. Instead, those blinded by allopathic medicine will call for a WAR on MRSA by stealing more money from Taxpayers to "invest" in powerful new antibiotics that promise to destroy all life as we know it. Ugh. The arrogance of man knows no limits until that arrogance kills him. MRSA is just doing what it has been programmed to do.

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