Saturday, February 16, 2008

Silver dental fillings may not harm kids' brains "The fillings are made from a combination of metals, including mercury, and research has shown that small amounts of mercury vapor are released from the fillings over time." Why do they even persist in trying to defend the indefensible? Lie-ability. They would be bankrupted by an admission that mercury in the teeth might actually be deleterious to good health. It is amazing that government regulators charged with protecting the public warn us about the dangers of mercury, unless of course it comes in vaccines or "silver" fillings. Mercury toxicity has so many symptoms, both subtle and powerful, that you need many pages in the Materia Medica to catalog them all. The study only looked at the overt presence of VERY FEW:

"...the two groups showed no differences in their rates of neurological symptoms, such as tremors, vision or hearing deficits, or coordination problems."

I think that they should investigate the investigators for mercury toxicity and conflicts of interest for subjecting innocent third world children to the hazards of the 2nd most toxic metal known to man.

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