Saturday, February 16, 2008

SSRI Bullets

How many schools need to get shot up before America "shoots" the real culprit? Every school shooting since Columbine (and before) involved a perpetrator that was on, or just coming off, or adjusting to meds prescribed by the psychiatric profession. Ignorant means you just don't know but are capable of learning. Stupid means you just "ain't never gonna" learn. How would you classify the culture that worships at the Church of Biological Mysticism and its "mind" denomination gone mental? I ask again: How many more school shootings is it going to take before we get everyone off SSRI medication? It's bad enough that the drug companies manufacture them, but it's worse that licensed medical professionals continue to prescribe them. Especially since there is no mental or emotional disorder that is evidence of a Prozac/Paxil/Zoloft deficiency.

Then we have the leftist gun-grabbers who blame an inanimate object for causing such mayhem. A gun never made anyone suicidal or homicidal, but FDA approved medications sure have. Rather than a compassionate plea to ban the drugs that cause death, Democrats are largely calling for more tax subsidies to make them more available for the poor. Like they need more drugs! What they need is adequate nutrition.
Since welfare medical authorities cannot bring themselves to even consider a relationship between nutrition and mental health, please allow me do it for them. Without adequate Chromium, the pancreas is unable to do its job adequately, thus sending many into hypoglycemic rage. Psychiatric drugs, among the many deleterious effects, also hammers the pancreas, thus WORSENING an already terrible nutritional disorder. Is this a nefarious plot by those who would like to see an end to the Second Amendment? Imagine if the professor had a weapon in that lecture hall. How many lives could have been saved? If you disarm a populace, the innocent become defenseless. Does your right to DEFEND life stop just because you are on a college campus? Are you supposed to wait for college cops before you do something rash, like bring down the attacker?

What kind of culture have we become if we remain passive in the face of threats to life, liberty and property? In this case the threat was not "imagined" by government so that we could go to pre-emptive war. It was real, present and unmistakable, except to those who believe that your rights only exist by virtue of being part of some group. We are asked to believe that because we may be part of a college student population, that we must suspend our right to defend ourselves. If this is part of liberalism, then Perhaps Michael Savage is right, it is a mental disorder. Are we defending the right to be a victim? Or is that an obligation?

More news is coming out that the shooter, Stephen Kazmiercza Had 'Become Erratic' Off Meds... In a sane society, the FDA would be rebuked and their power diminished. Unfortunately, in our drugged culture, congress will give FDA more money and power to do what they are either unwilling or unable to do, protect the public from dangerous food and drugs. The illusion of safety stamped upon our consciousness by the benevolent federal behemoth leads to this pharmaceutically-induced homegrown terror. Who are the real culprits? Big Government and the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex that purchased it. Can Hillary solve it? Only if you think the solution is a bigger and badder FDA. The same goes for Obama and McCain. They are so blind that they cannot see the truth right in front of their face, or in the mirror. Every solution that they propose makes the problem worse. Their misplaced faith in government will be our undoing.
Only one man running for president speaks such truth to power. You already know the humble Dr. Ron Paul. Just like the little boy who pointed out the naked emperor, Ron Paul shines a laser-focused spotlight on the real cause of what ails this nation. Disband the FDA and the illusion that they have magic powers to protect us from ourselves. Maybe we will grow up enough to take responsibility for our own lives and nutritional needs. Only then can we prevent the drug-induced killing sprees facilitated by our misplaced trust in government regulation over our health. The FDA is complicit in the rampant Death By Modern Medicine.

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