Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The UN vs. Marijuana Vending Machines

It's bad enough that the federal government ignores state law, despite the 10th Amendment's prohibition, now we have an enemy of the US calling for overturning state laws as well. The United Nations has been itching to displace U.S. national sovereignty since its inception. Could the War on Drugs be their lynchpin? It is stunning that any American would support the banning of a plant medicinal just because the government says there is no good use for it. Are the feds taking their cues from the U.N. or the other way around? This is what the WTO, NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT and other international treaties get us. Even if they have "free trade" in the title, you can be certain that you will have less of it when you turn over national sovereignty (or what's left of it) to an unelected global bureaucracy. Does the U.N. believe in your freedom and medical sovereignty?

"In its statement, the Vienna-based drug board also said scientific research about the therapeutic usefulness of cannabis or cannabis extracts was still in progress and had not produced much evidence."

I didn't think so. In a free society, you would be able to make decisions about how you care for yourself and your family, WITHOUT government interference. Even our government no longer believes in such freedom. Well, except for the last defender of the Constitution, Ron Paul, of course. Will the blue helmeted denizens of the U.N. be patrolling the streets of L.A. looking for Cannabis vending machines? If they do, what will they call it? Probably a U.N. Peace Pipe Keeping Mission. Will they invite Angelina Jolie and George Clooney? What if they smoke the peace pipe, will they still be allowed to participate? Dude, say want you want about Ganja, but it is 1000% safer than that which comes from the bowels of BIG PHARMA.

Do you realize how many industries are threatened by a little plant that was given to humanity by that which Created the earth and the heavens? This is not about people getting high. It is simply a matter of LIBERTY. Who owns you? Whether you have a disease that can be helped by "medical" marijuana or not, the fact that government can ban nature should be a signal to Al Gore to call off the Global Warming warmongering. His posturing that "it is only through world government that we can save planet earth" has got to go. It is precisely BIG GOVERNMENT that has enabled and facilitated the environmental destruction he claims to loathe so much. Only Dr. Ron Paul gets this one as well. Restoration of private property rights is the ONLY solution. Government-sanctioned corporate "ownership" has provided the means by which there is NO RECOURSE to violations of life and liberty perpetrated by artificial creations of the state -- or the state itself.

No one has a RIGHT to pollute your food, water or air. In our current government-worshipping situation, they can pollute and you have to cry to EPA, whose very rules allow the polluters to pollute. Is that too complicated for you Al? Imagine if polluters were held accountable for the toxins they dumped on We the People. Bingo, bango, bongo. Problem solved, except Gore-gore's still not happy because he really has world government on his mind, much like Hillary-Obama-Bush-McCain and Huckabee (CFR lackeys everyone of them). Quick, send some weed to the United Nations and let them smoke until they float off Manhattan Isle never to return.

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