Monday, March 10, 2008

Click Here. Ga. girl helps link autism to childhood vaccines " does say the government concluded that vaccines aggravated a rare underlying metabolic condition that resulted in a brain disorder 'with features of autism spectrum disorder.'" Yet, government welfare scientists are engaged in desperate attempts at damage control while parents across the land slowly regain courage and confidence in protecting their children from the needles of BIG PHARMA...
When will it be that "enough children have suffered" at the hands of the vaccination paradigm? It has become painfully obvious to many that our misplaced faith in welfare scientists doing the bidding of vaccine manufacturers results in collateral damage far outweighing the theoretical benefit of limiting the expression of childhood diseases. Many thousands of children have suffered in order that we may wake from our immunologically-ignorant slumber and finally say "enough is enough." There are so many ways to strengthen the immune system that do not involve injecting synthetic medicaments into the youngest among us. None of those other options fill the coffers of Big PHARMA or enhance the budgets of the FDA and CDC, however, so if they come along, it may be kicking and screaming. Do you know how little homeopathic nosodes actually cost with NO SIDE EFFECTS? We could reduce billions of dollars of pharmaceutical fraud and government waste just by learning about Antione Bechamp and applying what WE ALREADY KNOW about the Law of the Terrain. But nooooooo, like lambs to slaughter, those who worship at the Church of Biological Mysticism still believe in the vaccine sacrament. Is there any good news? Yes. Despite their attempts at damage control, Big Government and Big PHARMA are losing true believers at a record rate, no small thanks to the vaccine-autism link and the recent revelation that the feds finally acknowledged it. Despite this, methinks they protest too much that "they didn't really." Thousands of children have lost a connection to this world because parents did not wake up in time. Let it be that those children were not injured or killed in vain.

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