Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wendy's shooter had turbulent home life, reports reveal "Blake was taking prescription medication but investigators said they had no indication mental illness played a role." Too bad he was not on a placebo. What does it take to remove the obstacle that prevents even those enraged from taking innocent human life? Severe hypoglycemia is one way. In addition to messing with brain chemistry, psychiatric drugs are known to cause havoc to the pancreas, thus worsening an already dangerous metabolic situation. The condition known as hypoglycemia results in a lack of "sugar" to the higher functions of the brain, thereby relegating a former human to temporary animal status, by forcing sole reliance on the instinctual lower brain. The animal brain has no morality. A cornered animal is capable of unfathomable acts of violence, as is a troubled hypoglycemic on brain medication. Instead of messing with brain chemistry, they should be replenishing the diminished stores of CHROMIUM, as well as utilizing homeopathic Lycopodium and Iris to further restore pancreatic integrity. Relying on fast processed food is no way to restore healthy life. Whether it's a school shooting or senseless murder at Wendy's, these tragedies will not stop until we fill in the vacuous pharmaceutical paradigm with nutritional common sense. Is that too much to ask? At this point, I'm not askin', I'm tellin'. We have far too many psychiatric-induced shootings to be polite...

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