Sunday, March 16, 2008

Minn. lawmaker wants scent-free schools "A Minnesota lawmaker proposed a bill Monday urging a fragrance-free educational campaign to discourage students from dousing themselves in scents that aggravate classmates with asthma and other health problems."

Finally, true environmental insensitivity. Although I do not know why we need government to legislate perfume limitations. It should be common sense not to intoxicate the environment with synthetic scents. Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Environmental Illness is a real thing. Just read Dr. Gloria Gilbere's account of her own disease and recovery, much less that of thousands of others who have followed her advice.

"You can smell it from 10 feet away," Altenberg said. "Mostly it's just guys who just think that putting Axe all over them is a substitute for showering."

You may believe you have a right to wear perfume, but that right ends where another's begins. If your smell causes an anaphylactic reaction in those around you, it's time to rethink your cologne.

We are a society that has lost its foundation in property rights. Now government environmental agencies actually facilitate polluters, rather than reducing their toxic emissions. This is where the liberal earth muffin ideology falls flat. Only property rights can save the environment. No one has a right to pollute your food, water or air. If you place your faith in granting more power to the EPA, you are probably relying on FDA approved drugs as an example of government induced safety.

By the way, corporations are artificial creations of the state and as such, have no natural rights. It is the same government that the liberals want to protect the environment that allows those "evil" corporations to pollute in the first place. In addition, they prevent the average citizen from any recourse should they be polluted upon. Why can't the leftists see that? Collective ideology always results in state control of everything. Just look at how well communist countries do at protecting the environment. Are you sure that you know of what you ask, Democrats? Of course, any Republican that thinks it's OK for large multinational corporations with no allegiance to any nation or state to pollute your food, water or air are also shills for big government.

Restore true property rights and it will be far too expensive to pollute and very little tax money would have to be used in the restoration is environmental integrity.

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