Sunday, March 16, 2008

Rare heart condition hits moms-to-be What he can't explain is why a 39-year-old "who has just delivered twins and was otherwise happy and healthy" would suffer a sudden, catastrophic breakdown of the heart muscle.

It can be explained nutritionally, but the dil-rods in the medical profession hardly know what a mineral is, much less what its deficiency causes. You want to give the doctors more time and money to figure out just what this condition is caused by?

"Doctors say they are no nearer to understanding pregnancy-related heart failure than when it was first described in the 1840s."

How long is too long? Do you think that 168 years is a reasonable amount of time to discover the true cause of this condition? Perhaps we can have the Executive Branch declare war on heart muscle degradation in post-natal moms? If it worked half as well as the War on Cancer, we'll likely be at the same level of ignorance 300 years hence. Can you say "CHROMIUM DEFICIENCY"? Gee, that only took 3 seconds to figure out. I wonder how long it really takes to find the cure for cancer. Oops, we already have it, starting with Selenium. Don't forget Poly-MVA, as well as many other holistic substances and methods that your federal government will never allow as long as they suck the pharmaceutical teet. Visit Dr. Nick Gonzalez, a NYC medical professional who actually helps patients overcome pancreatic cancer without resorting to chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. There's plenty more where that came from, but you would never know it if you get your news from the pharmaceutically-biased mainstream media. Just as there is "alternative" medicine, there are alternative sources of information regarding the important subject of health recovery and health maintenance without the use of anything approved by FDA. Should that be allowed?

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