Saturday, March 29, 2008

Natural Solutions to Drug Resistance Futility

TB Drug Treatment Can Lead to Severe Pneumonia "Our data suggest that the use of fluoroquinones to treat multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in children has led to the emergence of invasive pneumococcal diseases caused by levofloxacin-non-susceptible S. pneumoniae and its nosocomial spread among children," the researchers concluded. More evidence that modern pharmaceutical pseudoscience, for every disease it pretends to eradicate, creates at least ten new ones to take their place. Infectious disease was once the category upon which allopathic medicine hung its hat. That was at the advent of the sulfa drugs and then more complex antibiotics. At the time, very few physicians understood the long term degradation of the human immune system that would occur from over-reliance on and abuse of the new wonder drugs for acute infection. In the time span of a few short decades, microbial resistance would rear its ugly head, ultimately reaching the point at which the entire allopathic industry would acknowledge its very real danger. TB is an end-stage infection within a chronically ill person. Chronicity is created by nutritional deficiencies and toxin proficiencies, including those nudged along by immune suppressing allopathic interventions. The most frequently used of which is what allopathy gained its global dominance upon: antibiotics. The article linked above references some of the most dangerous infections around, which are referred to as nosocomial. Nosocomial infections are those spread within the medical or hospital setting and they are almost always resistant to multiple forms of antibiotic treatment. We were tricked into believing that modern medicine had all the answers regarding infectious disease on planet earth much the way we were duped into believing that government can solve the very problems government creates. Pharmaceutical medicine created the so-called superbugs in the first place. What reasonable human with a lick of common sense left in him believes that a problem can be solved from within the same consciousness that created it? While I am on the topic of common sense, what reasonable human being believes that the Federal Reserve can solve the problem of inflation (which it creates) by giving us more of the same? I can almost hear the minds of modern medicine now:

"If only we could make the antibiotics more powerful!"

It's not enough that you are indiscriminately wiping out all of the good flora along with the ones that you don't like, now you want to kill more. Why not just replenish with Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics 12+ instead? Silver hydrosol anyone? Clear the terrain and change what grows there.

Unfortunately, it makes far too much sense and too little money to restore function to the excretory system and the digestive system while simultaneously reducing free radical inflammation. If we did that instead of drugging every disease we can name, the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex would need an overdose of erectile dysfunction drugs just so it could pretend to be vital enough to maintain its monopoly on disease care. Or, we could just pop a Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibiting drug and pretend all is well. Somehow, I think that the price of multi-drug resistant pathogens is too high a price to pay, even with all the free Prozac we can consume in our tap water. What about you?

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