Saturday, March 29, 2008

Singulair's Suicidal Allergies

FDA Investigating Possible Link Between Singulair and Suicide "Merck has updated the drug's labeling four times in the past year to include information on a range of reported side effects: tremors, anxiousness, depression and suicidal behavior." Pretty much all of these side effects rank more severe than the allergy it is approved to treat. How many more allergy drugs do we need before we figure that allergies are not the result of a Singulair deficiency? Allergies were never a Sudafed deficiency either, much less a lack of Dimetapp or any other anti-allergy medication. Go ahead and ask me. What do allergies have to do with the Law of the Terrain? I thought you would never ask. Allergies are the result of a hyper-immune response, often releasing excessive histamines in response to normally occurring "allergens" in the environment. But why does your neighbor not overreact to the same environment in which you operate? I mean, isn't she exposed to the same allergens that you are? Now we are getting closer to the understanding that allergens are not the true cause of allergies. Why do you OVER-react when she does not? The answer to that is the key to understanding how to get rid of allergies, rather than merely suppressing their expression with drugs that might make you go suicidal. Who ever thought that allergies would lead to suicide? Only the FDA could ever approve substances that might do that. Watch congress increase their funding and power next year to tackle this newly created allopathic problem. How will they ever solve allergic suicides? Start by healing the Leaky Gut Syndrome with which most allergy sufferers are afflicted. Can-Gest and Probiotics 12+ for starters. Detoxify the liver if you really want to change the terrain. Homeopathic medicine is one of the least expensive and safest ways to manage allergies while altering the terrain for their permanent departure. Three of the most common sinus remedies include Allium cepa, Kali bi and Sticta. You can also use homeopathic preparations of common allergens to reduce severity of allergy attacks while restoring integrity to an allergy ridden terrain. I mustn't forget to include the most basic principle of detoxification: Reduce the intake of pollutants from all sources for which you have control. Start with organic food which is better afforded with organic money (gold and silver). Or grow your own. Actually, working in the environment in which you live may also be helpful in exposing you to common allergens to which you will no longer react when you are healthier. The concern I have is for those whose allergies mysteriously disappear having done NOTHING to actually get healthier. In those people, you can be certain that the allergy symptoms have gone away simply due to the exhaustion of their perpetually over-reacting immune system. This is when I get concerned about more aggressive and dangerous immune-deficiency diseases including auto-immune diagnoses and cancer. All they had to do was clear the terrain instead of relying upon synthetic substances that, while they eliminated symptoms, they actually increased the toxic burden on an already-over-burdened liver and body. What is more expensive -- organic food and a healthier lifestyle, or the misery and treatment that accompanies auto-immunity and cancers? I suppose it depends upon what you really value...

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