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U.S. drug sales in 2007 grow at slowest rate since 1961 "Total U.S. prescription drug sales reached $286.5 billion last year with slowing growth at least partly due to expiration's of patents on lucrative medicines, which opened the door to cheaper generic versions."

Gee, and I was hoping that it was because less people were actually taking drugs. The medical marketing machine is not giving up easy. Their quest to convince us all that disease is merely the result of a lack of a particular pharmaceutical drug is nearly complete. When that idea weakens, their focus will be on convincing us that it is due to a MULTIPLE drug deficiency disease. They have already succeeded in convincing the older generation as to the sanctity of pharmaceutical nutrition, averaging at least five medications per day as they approach their 70's. It is not unusual to see a senior on ten or fifteen drugs, despite them NEVER being tested in such combinations. What IS the definition of quackery? If seniors on multiple meds ain't it, then the word is meaningless, especially as used by aging medical apologists. Despite the slow rate of growth experienced by drug manufacturers, there are still a few categories that defy rational explanation. Let's have a look at the top three, shall we:

1) Cholesterol drugs, such as Pfizer's Lipitor, once again led all therapy groups with prescription sales of $18.4 billion in 2007 despite a 15.4% decline in sales, primarily due to the availability of cheaper generics.

Perhaps the stupidest and most dangerous drug category ever thought up. If Pinky and the Brain ever worked this angle, they really would have taken over the world. First and foremost, let's dispel the primary myth that gave birth to Rosemary's statin: Cholesterol does not cause heart disease. There, I said it as I have for many, many years, and still no lightening strikes. Here's the CDC plan --

"...let's convince everyone that a normally occurring and necessary precursor to endocrine integrity and neurological/brain health is evil and must be destroyed."

"If the people don't believe us, we'll get Julie Gerberding to declare cholesterol an enemy combatant in league with some sort of cellular al Qaeda!"

"Yeah, then maybe Bush can go to congress for a 'use of force' declaration so that we can attack everybody's liver with an heir of legitimacy."

"Or we could, in essence, do the same thing by putting everyone on a statin drug. If it's challenged, the Supreme Court will rule it constitutional based on the Eminent Domain case in Connecticut where we got Pfizer their new facility on the cheap. Who knew it would be so easy?"

Never mind that the plaque accumulating in your arteries is doing so to save your life from the oxidative stress coming from your lifestyle and poor diet. If you thought that it was easy to fool the people now, just wait until millions of statin users succumb to the direct pharmaceutical assault on their nervous system. Invest now in drugs for Alzheimer's because it is being guaranteed with every new statin drug user that falls prey to this cardiological corruption.

What should I do if I wake up in time to see the light? GTF Chromium, for one, will elevate HDL to the point where your already irrational fear of LDL can disappear before your mind does. While I am at it, why not consider restoring integrity to your excretory system. Let's start with the liver shall we? Alta Health Products Can-Gest is a great place to start with wonderful side benefits for your gall bladder and digestion. If you are in a hurry, consider an organic coffee enema for rapid liver detoxification. If you are unsure, read about it at Cure Zone.

Homeopathic drainage remedies are also a wonderful choice for those finally abandoning the "cholesterol as Satan" mantra. Although there are more, Bryonia, Nux vomica and Chelidonium are a great place to start. Did you know that cholesterol is produced by the liver and that dietary intake of cholesterol has very little impact on true cholesterol levels? No, egg yolks ARE NOT bad for you. If you actually have extraordinarily aberrant levels circulating in your bloodstream, correct liver function FIRST. Instead of common sense, doctors rely on drug reps touting the wonders of synthetic pseudoscience.

In case you already forgot, cholesterol is critical for neurological and brain integrity. Reducing inflammation is another "no-brain-er", something you will end up with if you continue to believe cholesterol mythology. Essential fats, like those found in Nordic Naturals cod liver oil are key to reducing inflammation. A few hundred micrograms of food grown Selenium is also critical to counter unchecked free-radical damage as well. Perhaps the most overlooked nutrient in regards to vascular integrity is silicon, found in a food grown state in Alta Health Products vegetal Silica. Or, you could always take your statin drug, lose your mind, and never know what happened to you... Is that really your idea of bliss?

2) Acid reflux medicines known as c, including AstraZeneca's Nexium, ranked second with prescription sales of $14.1 billion and 2.8% growth.

What happens when your digestive system is corrupted? Gastroenterologists convince you that you have a purple pill deficiency disease. Paging Dr. Barnum, is there a Dr. P.T. Barnum is the house? Most indigestion is actually the result of too little stomach acid production, not too much. As before, one corrective measure is to put some Can-Gest in warm water and consume before each meal. Enzymes are another option for those who are truly depleted, but the long term correction will be assisted by utilizing Can-Gest. Also, Dr. Ohirra's Probiotics 12 Plus does wonders to rapidly restore gastrointestinal integrity and optimal gut ecology.

My good friend, Dr. Steve Hines, has a profound understanding of the true cause of digestive difficulties, including GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease). Even better, he now has a DVD available so that you can understand what the vast majority of gut doctors do not. Homeopathic Baptisia is a great place to start in addressing numerous intestinal symptoms. Antimonium crudum is also available for stomach discomfort, as well as Arsenicum album and Nux vomica. Did I mention that switching to organic whole foods will also correct a lot of the symptoms that your doctor believes are evidence of a drug deficiency? Just a friendly reminder that what you put into your body matters. Even a Flintstone vitamin would be better than ingesting a purple pill, although only marginally. How do they make the purple Dino anyway? Enough with synthetic vitamins...

3) Anti-psychotics, such as Eli Lilly's Zyprexa, overtook antidepressants as the third largest therapeutic class with $13.1 billion in sales and a 12.1% growth rate, according to IMS, which provides industry data on drug prescriptions and sales.

Are we really so miserable that the number three drug category is designed to remove us from the experience of life itself? The delusions of the psychiatric profession are long overdue expiration. Where is the acknowledgment that mental disorders can be caused by heavy metals, nutritional deficiencies and statin drugs? Do you want good mental health? We are back to essential fats, silica and specific amino acids as well. Why silica? What do you think a key component of the nervous system is?

Regarding amino acids, Julia Ross has made the complex simple in her two books, The Diet Cure and The Mood Cure. In order that we may overcome hypoglycemic induced "mental" disorders, it becomes necessary to once again supplement with food grown GTF Chromium. What of the homeopathic category? If you are depressed, there is always Sepia. If you are angry, look to Stramonium. Frustrated? Reach for Argentum nitricum. What about those who "temporarily" rely upon anti-psychotics or SSRI's to get though a traumatic event like the loss of a loved one or a relationship? Homeopathic Ignatia.

Who needs socialized medicine and the depression that comes with it when you've got Freedom of Speech? Well, if I actually made or sold any of the products I mentioned here, the Feds might not allow me to speak or write such truths. It was not long ago that the FDA demanded that a little company based in Texas burn books that referenced Stevia as a sweetener. Careful. If you can heal disease without the use of FDA approved drugs and you profit from it, you could lose your freedom in America. Have you called your congressional representative in support of HR 2117 - The Health Freedom Protection Act and the Congressional Responsibility and Accountability Act: H.R. 3302?

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