Monday, April 28, 2008

ADHD Options That Are Not Ritalin Nor Risk the Heart

Headline: ADHD Treatment Comes With Heart Risk

What do you expect when you give synthetic "speed" to children to slow them down? Here again lies another nutritional deficiency and toxin proficiency syndrome wrongly diagnosed as a lack of methamphetamines and other pharmaceutical stimulants.

I have found good success with VAXA Homeopathic Attend formula, along with an organic diet free from additives, preservatives, artificial colorings and flavorings, just to start. Intestinal and pancreatic health is crucial to restore for truly hyperactive children who almost universally suffer from hypoglycemia. This brings to the forefront the need for homeopathic Lycopodium and Iris, as well as GTF Chromium.

While you pull your child off of PCP's chemical cousin (Ritalin), don't forget the essential fats and Probiotics. Don't risk your child's heart when the nutritional and homeopathic solutions are so readily available. Your kid will thank you for it.

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