Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Food Irradiation Plot: Why the USDA Wants to Sterilize Fresh Produce and Turn Live Foods into Dead Foods

Just don't tell the FDA that your medicine is actually your food and that your food is actually your medicine. They might make it available only with a prescription. With food irradiation, the federal government continues its genocidal policy to destroy the integrity of food so that its most powerful lobbyists remain fat and happy. Multinational drug companies are the main beneficiaries of government policies designed to reduce the vitamin and mineral content in food. In collusion, the dominant duo of political parties are too toxic and nutritionally deficient to see that true sustenance does not come from corporations with open checkbooks aimed at insuring their re-election.

Which brings me to another food concern. Lately there has been a lot of media attention focused upon rice and grain shortages. Why the fear mongering? Who gains?

Please allow me to offer a perspective not heard in the old media. Much of planet earth has rejected Monsanto's belief in "better living through genetic engineering." Because of this, many of the world's markets remain off limits to GM foods. What better way to soften and eventually eradicate the resistance to "frankenfoods" than by creating an artificial shortage of dietary staples?

Governments, purchased by BIG AGRIBUSINESS, will set about convincing their populations that they must accept genetically modified foods or allow their neighbor to starve to death. Faced with "Ethiopian" conditions on the European continent, the opposition to "man playing God" will wither and die like the nutrition contained in "Round-Up Ready" corn.

Will the people wake up in time to see that the chemical corporations are only doing the bidding that is endemic to their artificial incorporation? Or is it pandemic? Of course, multi-nationals must increase markets, market-share and profits. But that does not go deep enough. Since corporations are synthetic creations of the state, we would do better by looking at the real source of the problem: government. Particularly government that no longer operates within its constitutional limits -- at least partly because the people are also too nutritionally deficient to notice or care, or act even if they do.

Government, in all its wisdom, subsidized the production of corn for bio-fuels, which in actuality takes more energy to produce than it ultimately provides. These idiotic subsidies have converted more farmland into bio-fuel welfare recipients -- resulting in less availability of that which would have been grown for food. So, if there is actually a shortage, it was created by government interfering in the free market for both energy and food, inevitably screwing up both.

This double play is double-bad because most people will now clamor for government to "do something" to save us despite the fact that it is precisely their "doing" that got us into this mess.

Their Hegelian Dialectic is almost complete, resulting in this new synthesis that abominable food is good because it prevented some people from going hungry. In the process of feeding the hungry with nutritionally-deficient, toxin-proficient substances formerly known as food, it guarantees unintended consequences in nature, but of course, desirable new markets formerly hostile to its products.

As an added bonus, they also get a slew of new customers now convinced that the symptoms caused by ingesting GM-food is actually evidence of multiple pharmaceutical drug deficiencies. Any Democrats out there still want to argue for more government intervention in food production? Most Republicans have already put their trust in artificial creations of the state rather than individual human ingenuity to solve the problems caused by government. So they're both lost in a genetically modified Hell.

Whether it's socialism or fascism, or socialized-fascism, must we look forward to genetically modified TV Dinners courtesy of Obama, Clinton, or McCain? Sure, they may be labeled differently on the carton, but inside they all taste the same, bland and artificial.

Save those organic heirloom seeds, we're going to need them to counteract the abject nutritional vacancy occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, unless our constitutional-proficient superhero somehow sneaks in.

Imagination is a gift. I will continue to use it.

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