Sunday, April 13, 2008

Asthma Genes? Cough, cough. Try Healing Your Terrain

Suffer From Asthma? Faulty Genes May Be to Blame "...those with asthma probably inherit two copies of the 131C variation – will lead them to new treatments that can block the gene to prevent or cure asthma." Gene expression is due to environmental factors, so why do we need pharmaceutical intervention to block genes which will never manifest as long as you avoid toxins, including FDA approved drugs?

Granted, those of you already in the throes of asthma may rightfully rely upon allopathic intervention for life retention. However, if you would like to reduce your reliance upon synthetic symptom suppression, there is more than hope, there's a roadmap.

Would you like to manage symptoms naturally? Start sipping Lobelia tincture in water throughout the day. Nebulize Silver Hydrosol in order to restore integrity to the bronchi and alveoli, much less reduce any undue microbial influence. Homeopathic support in the reduction and management of symptoms can be achieved with Antimonium tartarticum, Drosera and Spongia tosta. All these are much better and safer than allopathic alternatives when you are out of crisis, but the real solution lies in correcting the faulty terrain.

What does this mean? It means you simply must detoxify your liver and lymph, restore digestive integrity and assimilation capabilities, as well as reduce free radicals and the resulting inflammation. You can dig around in my blog or search at to learn more about techniques to achieve environmental integrity and thereby eliminate the true cause of asthma and other respiratory disorders.

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