Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mumps Antibodies Outbreak? Blame the Amish

Mumps Outbreak Prompts Questions "...most of those who became infected in 2006 were college students who had received the double-vaccination, raising questions about whether a third dose may be needed." Only from the minds of Big PHARMA could two failures lead to doing the same thing that failed twice before, a third time. A sane and rational doctor might question the entire paradigm. Instead, they persist in believing that they can bash through the brick wall if they only throw their forehead at it a little bit harder. Brilliant. That's why they get a duh-gree.

Isn't an antibody enough? Whatever will vaccine-apologists do once everyone realizes that the immune system relies more upon a healthy terrain than an antibody? An antibody is a bonus, but if synthetically stimulated, comes with a high price to the integrity and long term stability of the terrain on which your immune system must rely. Is it necessary to trade chronic diseases for acute ones? Not if you know how the immune system really works and you honor it. Of course, that would require at least a rudimentary understanding of the works of Antoine B

Maybe they could blame this mumps outbreak on the unvaccinated Amish community.

Which question will this disease eruption ultimately prompt? If it is not to question the vaccination paradigm in toto, then they are still on the wrong track, likely blinded by their allegiance to Louis Pasteur. And vaccination.

Medical authorities might insist, but you do not have to go down with their ship.

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