Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Good Insurance is a Dangerous Thing or Why I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace Freedom

US Loses Too Many Lives over Lack of Health Insurance "...estimates that between 18,000 and 22,000 adults aged 25-64 die each year in the U.S. because they lack insurance." I would argue that good medical insurance is a dangerous thing because it insures that you will be sent for invasive and often unnecessary medical interventions, some of which may leave you worse than the problem with which you started.

The Families USA report, named “Dying for Coverage,” says people without health insurance are more likely to delay seeking care because of the high bills, which means disease such as cancer are diagnosed at a later, more deadly stage.

Yes, but that belies the fact that people with no medical intervention often live the same length of time or longer than those receiving the big three from oncology. Additionally, the quality of life in those receiving no treatment scores much higher than those brutalized by BIG PHARMA.

Allopathic medicine sells its services through fear. The insurance industry sells its products through fear. These are not necessarily noble professions beyond reproach. Fear itself is a primary cause of disease which feeds the very industry that profits off of the very problems it creates for trusting patients.

Yes, cancer can be scary, but there is something even more frightening. Allopathic cancer TREATMENT.

I am all for your freedom to choose which medical (or non-medical) route you wish to go should you be duly diagnosed, but why must a monopoly exist, when medical freedom is much superior? Do we like being slaves to government sanctioned treatment protocols?

I would posit that one of the greatest mistakes made by the Western world's population has been to turn over the care of their bodies to elitists in league with the one entity that can destroy life, liberty and property "legally." That would be government, just in case you were not paying attention. By the way, rapt biological attention is much less expensive than paying with your life. On average 784,000 Americans do pay with their lives every year because of their misplaced trust in Big Government and Big PHARMA.

Government and allopathic medicine do not mix unless you desire pharmaceutical slavery as a way of life. Don't cry to Hillary. Her ears are plugged with the cotton pulled from prescription pill bottles along with Obama's. Do I pick on the Democratic presidential candidates unfairly? Ask them why they are key sponsors of S.1375 - The MOTHERS ACT (S. 1375: Mom’s Opportunity to Access Health, Education, Research, and Support for Postpartum Depression Act), a bill that would corral all moms-to-be in an SSRI round-up rodeo.

If anything, I am being too kind.

Where is John McCain? He's been absent on the issue. I suspect he is already on many of the meds that would be forced on post-partum moms if the horrific S.1375 should ever become law.

First they came for your daughters with dangerous HPV shots. Then they came for moms-to-be and new moms with Prozac and Paxil and there were apparently no men left to defend them, for they were stationed all over planet earth chasing McCain's demons.

If we wait 100 years, will there be anybody left? We are not losing lives due to a lack of health insurance. Lives are lost when we look at every disease as a deficiency of FDA approved pharmaceutical drugs -- or a lack of insurance to be able to afford them. What we've really lost is our minds.

Maybe that's why Ms. Rodham-Clinton wants "free" Zoloft zones funded with your tax dollars. Let's start with her donors first, shall we?

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