Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"Horse Attacks Woman's Breast!" or HRT and the War on Cancer

HRT Once Again Linked to Breast Disease "The Journal of the National Cancer Institute carries in its April 8 online issue another report that links conjugated equine estrogen, a form of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), to benign breast disease in women." What is the "War on Cancer" if not a war against the terrain of unsuspecting patients of the allopathic profession? One day it will be clear to most everybody that much of the cancer diagnosed each year is actually iatrogenic.

Regarding HRT, it seems somewhat absurd to me that we even consider substituting depleted human hormones with that which comes from the equine among us.

The very fact that we feel we "need" synthetic substitutes -- instead of restoring integrity to our own endocrine system -- is evidence of a failure of communication. But what is communicating to whom? Are symptoms of disease a mere annoyance or are they an indication of something valuable? Perhaps they carry information that you can use to actually improve your health by correcting the underlying cause. Since your doctor likely believes that symptomatic annoyances are an indication that you need something synthetic and FDA approved, maybe you should get a second opinion.

The pharmaceutical paradigm programs "modern" men and women, no matter what their age, to believe that they are merely on the receiving end of diminishing hormone production because of the length of time they've been on planet earth. While it is true that there is a normal endocrine reduction over time, in a healthy human it is a shift in needs and functions, not evidence of disease. Menopause is not a disease no matter what the FDA proclaims.

When will we get the message to change our diet and lifestyle, instead of confusing hypo-hormonal symptoms as Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) drug advertising? I repeat, "reduced endocrine function over time" resulting in disease-like symptoms should be a hint that we might be living a wrong lifestyle. Women, in particular, do not lack horse hormones linked to breast cancer.

If we lived in nature and worked the fields everyday of our lives save the Sabbath, we would not even be talking about HRT except in science fiction books and movies.

While I do acknowledge that there will be some diminishment in endocrine production over a lifespan, its reclassification as a disease is more the result of drug company dogma and the fact that we live a sedentary life, dependent upon food inadequate to sustain optimal health.

Low hormone levels are not the CAUSE of disease, but the RESULT of living in a manner not in line with their full production. As usual, modern medicine has it all backwards, blaming "aging" as the cause. It's not so much aging, but how you get there.


Anonymous said...

Please do more stories on HRT. My GYN prescribed them for me 20 yrs ago and I'm STILL on them. How can I stop?

Stephanie said...

This seems to be the American way. If somethings broken, don't look at what is causing it to broken just put a band aid over it and hope that everything will be o.k. Since we are such enlightened beings you'd think we would try to go to the root of the problem and fix it. It just seems foolish to put something that is derived from horse urine into the human body. Unfortunately we live in a disposable society and it appears that the human race is the ultimate step in this evolution of disposability. Go figure!

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