Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mandated Medicaid and the Freedom of Ron Paul

Click Here. The law mandated the expansion of Medicaid... "On July 1, state law requires every adult to have health insurance if affordable plans are available. There are many options." None of the options include good nutrition and a lack of drugs as a fundamental starting point -- so how can they call it "health" insurance? The demise of a free people is certainly in evidence when its government spends more time telling its citizenry what it must do, rather than defending the individual liberty of each one of its inhabitants from such encroachment.

There is a document that prescribes a remedy for this freedom-deficiency disease, if only our public servants would read it. It's called the Constitution (for these united States of America). Where is it that mandated health insurance for the medical monopoly is listed as an enumerated power of our government? Go ahead, try and find it. It's not there.

Some Americans know that if a law is repugnant to the Constitution it is null and void as a matter of fact. Is there a frame of reference so that those indoctrinated in public schools understand this basic concept? Perhaps they could teach the Supreme Court case where this was made most obvious: Marbury vs. Madison.

If not, the next thing you know, the government will force children to get vaccinated and take pharmaceutical drugs for biologically unverifiable behavioral disorders. That would never happen, would it? Our government would never grow beyond its constitutionally limited functions to trample on freedom. Actually, millions of Americans are begging to have their rights trampled upon in the rush for something mislabeled as "universal" health care. Camel dung by any other name would smell as ripe.

Let's call forced Medicaid what it really is: medical fascism. What is "single-payer" health insurance? Socialized (allopathic) medicine. You surely are not under the impression that Hillary Clinton is going to pay for your herbs, minerals and homeopathic medicine, are you? The millions clamoring for socialism are under the false impression that our health care crisis is the result of free market medicine. We have not had a free market for health care in many decades. Maybe we should heed the words of a humble physician:

"Should we move to, toward a socialized system, or should we look to the marketplace to help us sort out the problems we have in medicine? My argument, of course, is always looking for the answers in the free market, in private choices, and in individuals dealing with those problems, rather than depending on the state." - Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul
If you desire freedom, government can never grant it. Despite what you see in the mainstream media, there are millions of Americans who want nothing to do with government mandates for pharmaceutical medicine. Would you deny them their freedom just because you believe that you should have free drugs provided by a single payer (the federal government)? Health care is not a right. A right, by definition, cannot be a right if you must steal from others to exercise it. If you are willing to use government to rob your neighbor for what you perceive to be your right to health care, then you are no better than a petty criminal. Actually, you may be worse, because rather than risking your own life to steal, you hide behind the power of government to take what is not yours.

Where do you suppose they're going to get the money to pay for it all when your neighbor runs out? Oh yeah, President Bush will likely propose to nationalize the Federal Reserve and send a check for a million dollars to everyone to help cover drug costs. Of course, by then it will take a wheel barrow full of money just to pay for an aspirin.

The only solution to this problem is freedom. If there were a true free market for health care, homeopaths, herbalists, nutritionists and other holistic health care providers could compete side by side with allopathic physicians for your business. Removing third party payers (HMO's, government and the like) would reduce costs significantly overnight. Allowing ALL forms of healing to see the light of day in a market unencumbered by nanny-state protectionism would force producer prices down to reasonable fees affordable to all but the poorest. Who will fill in the gap for them when government gets out of the way?

"I worked in a church hospital ... and I was paid $3 an hour in the early 1960s. There was no government insurance. But everybody got taken care of. And nobody was charged." - Dr. Ron Paul (R) Texas 14th District
You mean that churches and other private charities might also be free to help those most economically challenged? I know that it's stunning to consider that anything can get done without relying on government, especially in a nation founded upon the concept that each individual should be free to lead a life sans government encroachment. The truth is that government destroyed health care in America, not the free market. It was the government that granted allopathic medicine a monopoly over all health care to the destruction of all things natural. It used to be that "we the people" did not want government to grant titles of nobility. Just look at what Dr. Benjamin Rush (medical doctor and signer of The Declaration of Independence) predicted at the dawning of our new nation:

"Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others; the Constitution of the Republic should make a special privilege for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom."
It is disheartening to consider that millions of Americans think so little of freedom that they are willing to turn their bodies over to the government for their "health" care. Freedom works if we would only give it a try once again.

While I am on the subject of freedom, are there any more Ron Pauls in the house? It sure would be nice to get at least one in The White House. We've had enough lawyers already. Isn't it time to give an honest doctor a shot?

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