Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Ruthless Dictator Gene is Born Every Minute?

'Ruthlessness gene' discovered "...there was a link to the length of the AVPR1a gene: people were more likely to behave selfishly the shorter their version of this gene." Are the study authors trying to say that dictators are born, not created? Perhaps it is because they have AVPR1a Envy. What causes genes to express? The environment. Simple hypoglycemia is enough to turn a benevolent dictator into a ruthless totalitarian. This is the problem with a scientific community that has no earthly idea who Antoine Béchamp is. Everything is genetic determinism to them. Never mind that you can change your genes by what you believe and do. As long as you are held in a genetic box, it is fairly easy to force you to comply because of "bad" genes.

Do you have heart disease genes? Garbage. You may have a predisposition that follows certain patterns of degradation, but those patterns never have to emerge unless you do the things that cause them to manifest.

In some people, metabolic wastes including uric acid, cause inflammation within the circulatory system. This arterial and venous inflammation necessitates the patching and repair processes that are supposed to occur. Of course, if you are completely unaware this is happening, you'll go right on leading the lifestyle that brought about this chronic metabolic disease.

In some people, these same accumulating metabolic wastes situate themselves in the musculoskeletal system, causing inflammation and pain that is often diagnosed as arthritis. Same cause, two different results. In both cases, if the diet and lifestyle are changed so that either the wastes are produced less or excreted more efficiently, then the disease for which you are "programmed" (according to the determinists) would never manifest.

In the case of hypoglycemia, if ruthless dictators had only had adequate chromium stores, things might have turned out differently. I don't care how long your AVPR1a gene is, if you are nutritionally deficient and unaware, all bets are off. If you would like to learn more about gene expression and the biology of complementary medicine, visit the web domain of Dr. Bruce Lipton. Now, if you are looking for a gene for insensitivity, that would be Neal Boortz...

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