Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Medical Myth-Understandings & Holistic Insensitivity

Click Here. Revealed: The seven great "medical myths" "Despite frequent mentions in the popular press of the need to drink eight glasses of water, they found no scientific basis for the claim." Hmmm. This could be interesting. Read more for my comments in blue, below:

  1. Drink eight glasses of water everyday (Yes, some doctors believe that you can get all the hydration you need everyday from a loaf of white bread. I kid you not)
  2. Reading in dim light ruins your eyesight (Of course, if your doctor is already DIM, it matters not what kind of light he reads in. Actually many still seem to get their information from good-looking drug reps fresh out of the Britney Spears School of Pharmacological Education)
  3. Shaving makes hair grow back faster or coarser (This one is rather inconsequential in the big scheme of things, except for those with an overactive hormonal system. Perhaps the myth here may be that the medical profession disavows any knowledge of the negative impact of xenoestrogens from pesticides, plastics and pharmaceutical drugs -- and their impact on cancer creation)
  4. Eating turkey makes you drowsy (I suppose their argument is that there is not enough tryptophan present to have significant biological impact. However, this belies the fact that hormones have great impact on the body at levels in the parts per billion range and beyond. They also overlook the fact of a glycemic plunge from eating to excess, particularly refined foods devoid of CHROMIUM)
  5. We use only 10 percent of our brains (I think a better way to phrase this would be to say that we may only use 10% of our consciousness. How else would you describe pre-emptive wars in the name of peace and drug resistant infections CAUSED by antibiotics?)
  6. Hair and fingernails continue to grow after death (Really, who cares? Like you need longer hair and nails after you leave your body behind. You know what continues to grow even after the death of hundreds of thousands of Americans each year? The belief that the FDA can protect us from dangerous drugs and adulterated foods. Also, their budget continues to grow inexplicably despite their incompetence. I was going to mention their pharmaceutical conflicts of interest, but that grows along with their budget as well)
  7. Mobile phones are dangerous in hospitals (This became an issue at the dawn of cell phones because of the power those neophyte mobile phone units gave off in high power analog mode. Now that they are low power and digital, hospital machinery is safe, but not so fast on the human brain. There is a lot more to be discovered about its effect on human neurological tissue. Of course, the cell phone danger to humans is considered a myth by the medical community. How can energy interact with matter, they ask? That would be this week's medical moment of duh.)

Now for some of my medical myths:

  1. Cholesterol causes heart disease (inflammation is the true cause, which results from toxins, free radicals, nutritional deficiencies and infection)
  2. Cancer is a chemotherapy and radiation deficiency disease (does this require additional comment?)
  3. Homeopathy is just a placebo (actually many drugs work in spite of their toxicity and inappropriateness, specifically BECAUSE of the reality of the placebo effect)
  4. Chiropractic is only for back pain (it is actually a whole body methodology that can improve just about every aspect of biological/nervous system function, with kudos to the gifted osteopaths out there as well)
  5. Three square meals a day provides all the nutrition a body needs (It should be clear by now that even whole, organic unprocessed foods do not contain optimal nutritional content when compared to their brethren of even 100 years ago. Just look at government recommendations for Vitamin B6, which are a fraction of that recommended by Dr. John Ellis, the world's foremost expert on the subject until his death by accident in 2006)
  6. A retrovirus named HIV causes AIDS (this may be the most devastating screw-up in the annals of modern medicine. The grotesque misunderstanding of the human immune system, environmental and metabolic toxicity, has resulted in a drug therapy that causes the very symptoms that make up the syndrome, including death. Visit Rethinking Aids and Peter Duesberg's web site to begin your ascent to medical truth, rather than CDC budget-inflating propaganda)
  7. Vaccines are safe and the best and only way to prevent childhood diseases (The vaccination paradigm is actually the mass experimentation and destruction of the genetic integrity of the human species, resulting in the unfortunate guarantee of chronic degradation diseases including autoimmunity and cancer. The medical establishment and its followers still think it's a good idea to circumvent the natural maturation process of the immune system, which is actually an immature perspective to hold, especially for learned and duh-greed medical professionals.)

Maybe you have some medical myths of your own. Perhaps you would be so kind as to share them with me? Just one more medical myth to dispel: "I think all doctors are bad." Absolutely not. I merely take issue with much of the allopathic paradigm and dogma, that's all. Some of my heroes also happen to be medical doctors, including Dr. Carolyn Dean, Dr. Nick Gonzalez and of course, Dr. Ron Paul, just to name a few.

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