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“Origin of the Specious” guest commentary by Christopher C. Barr

EXPELLED’ is the name of a new movie being released in the next week. It is lauded by conservative leaders like Rush Limbaugh and leading Christian groups. There is also a well-organized campaign against the film by prominent evilutionists. This coupling – or anti-coupling – may indicate that this feature is something to see.

[NOTE: The spelling of evilutionists is intentional and not erroneous.]

The release of EXPELLED has been timed to coincide with the birth anniversary of Charles Darwin.

A more important and very sad anniversary this week tied to Darwin, evolution and the origin of specious is a few days before the release date of EXPELLED. On the 15th of this month will be the 100th anniversary of the death of Pierre Jacques Antoine Béchamp – EXPUNGED ignominiously from the annals of science and history to the great detriment of humanity.

Internationally renowned science journals Lancet and Nature each covered his passing noting that when the fullness of his works came to light it would be to the great benefit of humanity. Science and humanity remain yet in the dark 100 years later.

Writing wrongs

The new movie EXPELLED is purported to be about how evilutionists blackball those who publicly dissent from Darwinian evolution. If that is the case then Dr. Antoine Béchamp should be the central theme of the film.

Béchamp was one of the earliest and practically lone voices to campaign against Darwin’s drivel when it was first coming to prominence.

Colleagues of Béchamp pleaded with him to leave the matter alone as too popular and that his attention to this matter would only work against him. Their voices in retrospect were prophetic.

Béchamp countered that he would not let the matter be because it was an affront to good science as well as to The Almighty.

Béchamp was already battling another falsely erected, evil giant in the matter of Louis Pasteur – scoundrel of science.

The wrongful writings of Pasteur and Darwin have been the foundation for the grandest human suffering of the ages both physically and spiritually.

Righting wrongs

The exacting, painstaking precision of Dr. Antoine Béchamp and his scientific studies established the foundation for health and life against disease and death. It took 8 pages of the French national science journal Moniteur Scientifique just to list the titles of his published works upon his death in 1908.

Dr. Béchamp was the most credentialed scientist of all time. He was degreed, a practitioner and university professor in biology, chemistry, physics, pharmacy and medicine.

The thieving scoundrel Louis Pasteur purloined the works of Béchamp upon their arrival in Paris from the countryside Franco-German outskirts of Strasbourg.

Pasteur rewrote the works of Béchamp even making up studies out of thin air that he did not even do to support “his” publications. Pasteur was smart enough to realize the genius of Béchamp but not smart enough to understand the works. His expertise was not in life sciences. The degree of Pasteur was in physics upon which it was noted “moderate in chemistry”.

Pasteur presented an inside-out, upside-down twisting of truth that became the foundation of modern mediSin. There was enough truth to get some results – even somewhat dramatic at times -- yet far enough off from total truth such that no matter how much practice of mediSin there is it will always be far from perfect.

The total truth of Béchamp centered on the importance of the milieu or terrain. It emphasized personal responsibility and prevention for making the body impervious to disease and for restoration to health from disease. He noted that germs were the result of a diseased organism.

Pasteur gave legitimacy to shamanism by giving a face and name to harmful “evil spirits”. Germs were lauded as unseen invaders waiting to pounce upon people helpless against them without consulting the modern day shamans of medi$in.

Pasteur’s “truth” was $aliently $alable. THE truth of Béchamp was not $alable at all.

Though not particularly bright Pasteur was possibly the greatest salesman of all time. He succeeded in selling his rewrites of genius to academia, leading political and royal figures such as Emperor Napoleon III, and finally to the public at large. His scientific understanding of life – or rather scientific misunderstanding of life – has been a giant pox on modern humanity.

Having the ring of truth or plausibility but actually fallacious,” is one dictionary definition for the word ‘specious’. Louis Pasteur is the origin of the specious practice of modern medi$in.

The new movie EXPELLED reportedly links Darwinian evolution as a causative factor to the holocaust. Pasteur belongs in the company of Hitler, Stalin and Mao Tse-tung as his chicanery has caused more harm to humanity that those other three combined – harm that continues to this day.

No Intelligence Allowed’ is the sub-title to the upcoming release titled EXPELLED. That sub-title covers both the lifting up of Pasteur and the ignoring of Dr. Antoine Béchamp.

A worthy sequel to EXPELLED would feature this story of Dr. Antoine Béchamp with a title of EXPUNGED: No Intelligence Allowed.

A much more detailed coverage of this is available from the new edition of the national newspaper Crusador featuring a cover story interview with this columnist on Antoine Béchamp and a sub-heading ‘100 Years of Lies is Enough!’ Obtain your copy by calling 800-593-6273 or through

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