Saturday, April 26, 2008

Merck's Contaminated Children's Vaccine Revealed Via FOIA

Headline: Newspaper: FDA found concerns at Merck vaccine plant "'It is typical for FDA inspections to result in deficiencies' such as those in the report, according to Barbara Ryan, pharmaceuticals analyst for Deutsche Bank."

If it's so typical, then the mainstream media should never insinuate that dietary supplements are dangerous because they "lack" FDA regulation. Imagine if a dietary supplement manufacturer had a report such as this on a regular basis, much less once.

Why does FDA allow America to continue getting Mercked despite the Mercking manufacturing deficiencies ending up in the blood of our children and in the water? Were these "miniscule" Merck indiscretions swept under a bureaucrat's rug? Actually, if they were minor infractions, perhaps we could look the other way, but I would not define the following findings as miniscule:

  • Contaminated children's vaccines
  • Contamination of bulk lots of vaccine
Does that sound minor to you? How about the fact that it is "typical"? You would think that other regulatory agencies would immediately become aware of it and issue warnings, recalls and alerts. You would be wrong:

"...a CDC spokesman said Thursday that the agency is not aware of problems with vaccines at the plant and so is not taking action."

I was under the impression that findings such as these are in the public record and are published regularly on the FDA's own website. Actually, The Philadelphia Inquirer has the info on:

"...49 areas of concern" from "an unpublished FDA report..."

...though only after it was...

"obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request".

Whose side is the FDA on? If you said "the people" you must be on crack or Paxil. If this were a manufacturer of dietary supplements, it would be FRONT PAGE page on every newspaper and trumpeted by the likes of Katie Couric on the evening news as if the world were about to end.

How much more evidence do you need to see that the federal bureaucracy is out-of-control and cannot be restored to legitimacy by McCain/OBama/Clinton no matter what they say? We have a federal agency running roughshod over the rights of the American people resulting in injury and death only exceeded by the military industrial complex (occasionally).

In a typical orbit around the sun, the FDA is much more dangerous. Are 784,000 dead Americans a year not enough for you?

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