Saturday, April 26, 2008

Stand by Your Woman and Defend Her -- Merck's HPV Targeting All Women

Headline: FDA to consider HPV shot for women up to 45 "Experts emphasize that the vaccine is purely preventive. It does not cure an existing HPV infection,..."

It's also purely dangerous. Do you realize how many little girls have already been sent into a chronic disease and neurological disease spiral because their parents fear the microbe and obey their doctor? Little girls are dying for fear of 4 strains of human papilloma virus.

Is it a calculated risk to risk death from a cancer that may never happen by getting shot up with a vaccine thrice that is not even proven to prevent that for which it is given? Of course, it will not be until these little girls reach the age of cervical cancer manifestation that they will realize that their parent's misplaced their trust in a dangerous denomination of the Church of Biological Mysticism. And what of the prepubescent females who lose their lives to Merck Black Magic? I'll dare say that the cost of theoretical prevention by potentially deadly means is far too high.

Why, you may ask, is the FDA even considering the expansion of Gardasil to women of all ages? Well, in case you have not noticed, the word on the street is getting around to formerly vaccine-trusting parents and they are beginning to shield their daughters from the pricks of Merck. What's a drug company to do? Lobby the Federal Death Administration for a widening of the vaccination net.

That FDA would even consider it tells you all you need to know about where their loyalties LIE.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are injured and killed each year from the pills and shots of FDA-approved pharmaceuticals. A nation still in possession of its faculties AND constitution would disband this deleterious bureaucratic oligarchy immediately. Instead a nation under Bush/Clinton/Obama/McCain will increase FDA's budget and powers to try and fix the very problem they create simply by their UN-constitutional existence.

Are you addicted to government? If not, then the only sane and rational choice to head up the Executive Branch is Republican Ron Paul. Everyone else is a dangerous drug and addiction is not a pretty thing. Neither are the FDA approved candidates: Obamaxacillin, OxyClintoncodon and McCainocontin.

Dr. Paul is the great detoxifier for freedom and constitutional government despite being marginalized and then ignored by the mainstream media. Don't worry, there are more detoxifiers on the way. The question remains, however, how many American livers must be sacrificed before we see the error of our governmental addiction? Just how many more livers are you prepared to sacrifice? And what of the little girls?

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