Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Amazing Professor Duesberg Featured in Discover Magazine

Headline: AIDS "Dissident" Seeks Redemption... and a Cure for Cancer "On March 1, 1987, he published a paper in Cancer Research questioning the role of HIV in causing AIDS."

One day, the medical community will look back at the HIV causation hypothesis of AIDS as one of the biggest scientific blunders in recorded history. Instead of embracing Antoine Béchamp's Law of the Terrain, they gave us the Germ Theory on steroids by converting a harmless passenger virus named "HIV" into the personification of Dr. Evil.

One courageous man stood his ground on scientific principle and claimed that Robert Gallo was buck-naked. Just as was the case during the time of Pasteur and Béchamp, one had the favor of the emperor and the other was destined to be marginalized and fringed for daring to point out the inadequacies of the ruling elite.

Rather than being "elite," it turns out that the likes of Gallo and his HIV-worshipping followers are the effete descendants of those who attacked Ignaz Semmelweis for trying to improve the hygienic practices among the doctors of his day. Like Ron Paul, Peter Duesberg shines a powerful spotlight of integrity and truth on those who would stand in the way of liberty.

"In 1986, at age 49, he was elected to the National Academy of Sciences."

Do take the time to read the recent article on Professor Duesberg in Discover Magazine. In the end, whether you buy into the myth that HIV causes AIDS or not, you simply must respect a man who stands on pure scientific inquiry, rather than political expediency. If you were at the top of your profession and saw a truth that no one else in your peer group would acknowledge, would you blow the whistle knowing that you stand to lose everything?

If the founders of our country had not stood up for liberty in the face of English oppression, there would never had been a nation founded upon the principle of personal sovereignty. If it were not for scientists like Peter Duesberg, the earth might still be flat and at the center of the universe.

Although it is crumbling, the center of the HIV=AIDS paradigm is filled with big egos, big government and BIG PHARMA, not scientific integrity. Why is Peter Duesberg a perceived threat to the retroviral status quo? Because those that hold fast to the false religion of HIV-mediated immune deficiency know that their building does not meet scientific code.

You can hear Professor Duesberg live on the Robert Scott Bell Show during Hour Three. If you miss it, download the podcast after the show and listen at your leisure.

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