Monday, May 12, 2008

Coronary Calcification, Not Cholesterol Statin Stupidity

Headline: Coronary Calcification Predicts Future Heart Attacks and Coronary Death -- Cholesterol Not Found To Be A Significant Risk Factor "The New England Journal of Medicine report gives evidence of a major misdirection by modern medicine – the creation of cholesterol phobia in the population at large."

Uh-oh. How will they ever put the "cholesterol is good" rabbit back in the hat? I have been saying and writing it for many years: cholesterol is NOT a significant factor in the development of heart disease.

Oh yeah? Then why are Americans still spending BILLIONS in a futile effort to eliminate that which not only does NOT cause the disease for which they are worried, but the drugging to reduce it actually precipitates congestive heart failure, muscle wasting, cognitive decline, Alzheimer's and endocrine disruptions? Biological ignorance is not pretty, but that's what trusting government with your health gets you. So what's the problem, cholesterol or calcium?

"Among subjects whose coronary artery calcium score was zero, their risk for any adverse coronary event was only about one-half of 1%..."

The NEJM has spoken. It took them a while, but they finally agree with me.

Seeing as how it took the medical journals decades to report what was known for almost that long, they may take another ten years or so before they actually get around to answering another vital question.

How do we reduce calcification of the vascular system?"
I am a patient man, but I am not waiting for them to answer that which is already known. Now back to the inflammatory cascade...

What starts the process of calcification? Inadequate detoxification of the causes of inflammation and injury within the body's vascular pathways. This could be as simple as a metabolic waste such as uric acid. Although most doctors still think that uric acid can only cause gout, the reality is that it is equally inflammatory where there are no overt pain symptoms (that would be the arterial system).

Most indicated homeopathic remedy? Rhus toxicodendron. Why? Because it has an affinity for uric acid and other free radicals that cause vascular inflammation. Are you still confused about the cholesterol issue? You could always take a food grown GTF Chromium (at least 100 mcg three times a day) and elevate your HDL to such levels that LDL levels become somewhat inconsequential. Now back to the New England Journal of Medcine:

"About 50% of arterial plaque is calcium and only 3% is cholesterol."

Zero coronary calcium, nearly no risk of heart attack. Zero blood serum cholesterol? Death. Even low cholesterol results in less than optimal brain and neurological function, endocrine balance and adequate inflammation protection. Higher cholesterol levels correlate strongly with longevity and good brain health well into old age. Lower cholesterol levels? Earlier demise. Enough with the cholesterol mythology already. What more do you need now that the New England Journal of Medicine has chimed in? I mean, besides getting off statin drugs.

If it's too late and you already suffer congestive heart failure, how about some hawthorn berry syrup on your pancakes (organic whole grain of course). If you prefer the homeopathic form, ask for Crataegus, but you'll likely need a prescription.

Still afraid of cholesterol? Visit The International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics and get over it already.

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Anonymous said...

Finally! All this time I thought those cholesterol reference ranges were etched on that stone given to Moses.

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