Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tragic Heart Attacks Even in the Young at Heart

Headline: 13-Year-Old Baseball Player Suffers Heart Attack Rounding Bases "According to the American Heart Association,...causes include trauma, sudden infant death syndrome, respiratory issues, cardiovascular complications and drowning." How does an idiopathic disease cause heart attack? It's like saying "death" caused his heart to fail.

Maybe one day medical authorities will acknowledge that vascular disease starts early in a culture that condones pesticide laden foods for the youngest among us. This should not be news as scientific awareness in this area is old. Toxins, free radicals, nutritional deficiencies all lead to vascular stress and inflammation, even in the young at heart. Medical trade associations somehow overlook the fact that 18-19 year old kids coming back in body bags from the Korean and Vietnam (police actions) already had advanced stages of coronary artery disease. Were they eating cholesterol-rich foods in the rice paddies of Southeast Asia?

Actually, that's a trick question, since cholesterol does not cause heart disease. So what can we learn from this tragic event? Nothing that medical science does not already know, but pharmaceutical imperatives make them loathe to acknowledge. Will the American Heart Association use this death to promote statin drugs for Little League baseball players? Team nicknames will now change from the Mets to the Mevacors. The Rockies are no longer from Colorado, but from Crestorado.

Despite the lack of intelligence among mainstream medical reporters, childhood is not a Vytorin deficiency. When was the last time you heard a pundit in the MSM state that organic food is better, especially for children?

The thing about heart attacks is that you die from an "accident" rather than an overall degradation of metabolic function. Vascular victims could typically live long, healthy lives if they were actually made aware of the true cause of their life-threatening problem. Instead, they are given drugs that drive their bodies into chronic degradation diseases, on top of what already ails them. How is that responsible medicine? It isn't. It's actually medicine responsible for their death.

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