Monday, May 19, 2008

The Razzle-Dazzle That Distracts You From the Vaccine-Autism Link

Headline: Court Hears More Claims of Vaccine-Autism Link "...with each passing year, the claim that thimerosal had an important effect on children has become harder to sustain. Its removal has appeared to have no effect on autism rates."

That does not mean anything close to what they would like us to think it means. In actuality, it means that vaccination, taken in its totality, has deleterious effects on par with, or above and beyond just thimerosal.

The problem with over-emphasizing mercury as the culprit in the autism spectrum diseases is that it gives irresponsible vaccine proponents the opportunity to do a sleight of hand. It leaves you wide open to be blind-sided while autism rates continue to increase even after removal of the mercury-based preservative.

Truth be known, even the "thimerosal-free" vaccines are not completely free of mercury. Putting that aside for the moment, what other factors have changed over the past few decades that could explain the epidemic of autism?

If there is an increase in a disease affecting all children, should we not expect that disease to increase similarly in all population subgroups? Of course. Then where is the autism in the Amish and Mennonite cultures -- communities notorious for their unvaccinated children?!?

When welfare-medical experts from CDC point to thimerosal's removal from childhood vaccines and the continuing increase in autism rates as evidence that mercury in vaccines plays no role -- what they are really doing is the Chicago Razzle-Dazzle.

It is a desperate public relations attempt at diverting your attention from the real cause: Vaccination, with or without mercury.

Much of the future of the allopathic paradigm rests on this wrong-headed notion that we must somehow fool nature rather than work with her in the development of optimally functioning immune systems. What happens to
modern pharmaceutical medicine as the "one world religion" if the vaccination emperor is found to be naked? Its dogma gets parvo and dies, with or without the shot.

Our faith in
"experimental" vaccination is being tested to the point of breaking -- and if it breaks, the pharmaceutical industrial complex may never be the same and they know it.

Just how much does modern medicine rely upon the shots? The rapidity with which their antibiotic and antiviral drugs are failing against resistant strains of microbes means that they must hedge their bets on inoculation. Some insiders feel that EVERYTHING hinges on their ability to keep us corralled within the vaccination paradigm. Why? Once the dam breaks (and autism is putting pressure on it like nothing ever has), we all flock to greener pastures in more natural medical modalities.

The flood waters will inevitably wash away the pharmaceutical residue that has plagued mankind since it adopted Louis Pasteur's very incomplete understanding of biology and immunology (The Germ Theory). What will replace it? Antoine B
échamp's deep understanding of the immutable perfection in nature (The Law of the Terrain).

Have you listened to my interview with good friend Christopher Barr discussing Antoine B
échamp versus Louis Pasteur? You already know who wins that smack-down. Now go and listen -- before Homeland Security recommends that mercury-laced vaccines be mandatory before boarding an airplane or mentioning the name "Julie Gerberding."

Are there options other than vaccines for immune protection in childhood and beyond? Absolutely. More on that later...

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