Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rightful Discrimination: Why DNA Databasing by Government is Wrong

Headline: House sends anti-genetic discrimination bill to Bush "Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, was the only member of Congress to vote against the bill." Well, at least we know that it's unconstitutional...

Is there supposed to be a Federal role in genetic testing or databasing? I'm with Ron Paul. I know of NOWHERE in our nation's founding documents that it is found to be a proper and lawful role for the government to catalog us like animals.

There are obviously linguistic literary professionals hired to write, name and market these bills so they sound benign and helpful to us all. I mean, who would be "against" discrimination? Government-worshipers would like you to believe that this new legislation is necessary to protect you from insurance companies ready to turn your family down if they don't like your children's DNA sequence.

Actually, the thrust of this bill has nothing to do with genetic discrimination, but everything to do with removing another psychological barrier so that more Americans are willing to undergo the unnecessary and invasive testing. Are you the least bit reticent to turn over your DNA to an unelected bureaucratic oligarchy? They hope that you will be less so -- as long as you still believe that you will be eligible for medical insurance. Whether you can afford it or not is another question, because for certain, the government can't without stealing it from you or your neighbor first. Of course, they can always print the money until no one can afford anything without a wheel barrow full.

Genetic testing will start as being "voluntary." But, just like the Mothers Act, it will devolve into another federal mandate and soon you will not be able to fly without your genetic code embedded into your national I.D. Card. They will not stop until it's required, but don't worry because it's "for your own good."

But don't you want to know if you have "cancer" genes? Of course, they will never tell you that it's not your genes, it's their expression -- or much less that their expression depends upon what you believe and do. In other words, we all have genetic predispositions (or miasms) for disease, but genes change based upon our environment. Of course, that would mean that you are no longer a victim of your genes.

Not good for government or drug companies, but good for you.
Back to this genetic discrimination thing again. If you were an insurance company "writer" with responsibility to mitigate risk for the shareholders, and you found that someone had the gene for Sickle Cell Disease, would you insure them? You would be crazy to write them a policy. Of course, if a private company is free to determine who it insures, it will likely find a way to spread the negative potential and perhaps even write high risk policies. However, no insurance company would remain solvent if it could not discriminate for whom it issues a policy, however cruel.

Rather than being a boon to the uninsured, this genetic non-discrimination bill amounts to another government-mandated price increase for medical insurance across the board (for everyone). Inevitability, the illusion of "private" insurance will reveal itself to be an untenable web of regulations that ends whatever is left of the private insurance industry. Who will be able to afford it then?

Guess what. That's the plan. Hillary-care may be later than she thought, but she'll get it even if it's incremental and she's not the president. What's the end result? The feds complete their takeover of the medical insurance industry lock, stock and pill bottle.

Welcome to your universal single payer "insurance" disaster brought to you by Democrats AND Republicans. By government's intervention, there will be too few freedom lovers left who can actually afford insurance of any kind. Therefore, millions more will clamor for a medically-based Katrina style rescue. Clinton, Obama and McCain will happily oblige your medical enslavement.

It's both funny and tragic how BIG media and BIG government never acknowledge the fact that millions of the "tragically" uninsured are that way by choice. The "awakened" ones want little or nothing to do with government mandated medicine, much less the insurance that is there to pay for the bureaucrats interfering with the doctor-patient relationship.

Even if you are a fan of allopathic medicine, you do realize that government can NEVER deliver it to you in an efficient, fair and equitable manner, don't you? Here is where the economics of scale overwhelm even common sense. We do not have a crisis of health care because of a LACK of government bureaucracy. It has been many decades since there was a true free market in medicine and the healing arts.

We sit at the precipice of a diseased "universal" disaster simply because we have lost faith that freedom actually works better than central management and planning for three hundred million people. Genetic discrimination my as-pirin.

You are much more than your genetic code. No government will never get it (unless you turn it over to them). I just hope that we recognize our place in Creation before turning over what's left of our freedom to Aldous Huxley's and George Orwell's prophetic vision.

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

Why did Ron Paul vote against the "Genetic Anti-Discrimination" bill? Does Dr. Paul know something that the rest of Congress do not? Read The Revolution: A Manifesto and you will know the answer to that question and more. In the mean time, change you belief, change your genes.

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