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RSBell Radio Show May 4, 2008, 1 PM - 4 PM EDT

Radio broadcast on Sunday, May 4, 2008 from 1 PM to 4 PM EDT: While it is true that a revolution represents one earthly trip around the sun, what it does not account for is the experience gained along the way... The original American revolution was way ahead of its time as evidenced by our lack of appreciation for the sacrifices made by our revolutionary ancestors. A lot has happened in the last 234 years, much of which should leave us grateful for their wisdom and courage. The architects of our nation (grounded in the protection of individual liberty) knew that they had tapped into timeless principles. Yet, time has a way of eroding our recognition and appreciation of that which has immeasurable value. What are these truths that we once held to be self evident? Only one man running for president is doing his level best to remind us with The Revolution: A Manifesto. Who gains by marginalizing the message of freedom being shouted from the rooftops by none other than Dr. Ron Paul? If there is to be a new American Revolution, or at least a return to the old one, it will be done from a new state of consciousness -- one that was earned by our foolish willingness to relinquish it in the first place. Freedom is not for the lazy, but it is the true state which we were born to inherit. Even if we are able to restore it to our posterity, it will be up to them to keep it, just as Ben Franklin warned us so many years ago.

The Robert Scott Bell Show cherishes the principles that strengthen our understanding and practical application of freedom and healing. Where other talk shows leave off, the Robert Scott Bell Show is just getting started. Listen to the voice of health freedom and liberty for perspective this week Sunday, May 4, 2008 from 1 PM to 4 PM EDT. Just turn on your radio or internet stream at the appropriate time.

Hour One: Attack of the Medical Board -- Are you fed up with state medical boards limiting your choices and access to alternative/natural medicine? Who grants authority to unelected medical bureaucrats to decide what you can and cannot do in the care of your body? If you realized just how much your healing choices are limited by that which claims to "protect" you in government, you would likely riot. A big part of the disease care crisis is due to the government monopoly granted to allopathic medicine in the health care arena. The big secret is that a few cowardly doctors block the gateway to medical freedom and innovation and attack doctors like my good friend, Dr. Rashid Buttar. Here's is what to do about it (listen on radio). Don't worry, if you miss it, you can still catch the podcast. What else is in the news? Hey, this is the news! Please remember to support HR 2117 - The Health Freedom Protection Act and defang the FDA (and the rest of the bureaucratic oligarchy) once and for all with the Congressional Responsibility and Accountability Act: H.R. 3302. Thanks for listening in where there's more freedom in three hours than most shows have in a whole year! Your calls at 1-800-449-8255. (Show topics subject to change based on breaking news and the whims of the host.)

Hour Two: Raw Milk Renegades -- Sweet little Mennonites selling milk are now considered to be enemy combatants to the state of Pennsylvania. How long will it be before the Department of Homeland Security sends the Amish to Guantanamo Bay? What act could be so terrifying as to warrant this great alarm among local, state and federal authorities? Well, the milk being sold happened to be raw! Oh, and did I mention that he lacked a permit? If we have declined as nation to the point that we must imprison farmers that dare sell milk without government permission, I am afraid that we have completely detached from the reason that these united States of America were founded. Also, for the sake of economic healing and freedom, more on the Free Competition in Currency Act. Plus, once you realize that we all suffer from a constitutional-deficiency disease, you may decide to look further into the good doctor Ron Paul. (Show topics subject to change based on breaking news and the whims of the host.)

Hour Three: Health Revolution -- Where do we stand on this freedom thing? Do we trust that liberty is the terrain for vitality or do we believe that government interference is the only path to good health? The Democrats do not have a candidate who believes in health freedom. The Republicans do, but they are apparently so frightened of him that they would rather go home early than face the possibility that he may get more delegates than the anointed one. Also, who needs a blood transfusion? Nobody, if they actually paid attention to the work of French Physiologist and Biologist Réné Quinton. What other ways are available to you should you need to build the blood? How about for rebuilding this nation on a platform of the Constitution? Call me at 1-800-449-8255. Empowering the nation and everyone in it to heal, only on the united States of health talk radio. (Show topics subject to change based on breaking news and the whims of the host.)

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See you at The Health Freedom Expo in Chicago, Ilinois, June 27-29, 2008!

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