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"Indicting Abusers of Pregnant Teens" Guest Commentary by Christopher C. Barr

Young women and significant numbers of teenagers pregnant in an environment that confines them from knowing any other way or even knowing that there is reason to question their lot in life are in the news.

No, this is not about an isolated religious group in west Texas. This is a larger group affected in greater numbers over a much wider area by a combination of far more diabolical associations hiding in plain sight.

These American diabolical associations (ADA) isolate these pregnant young women and girls preventing knowledge that there is any other way to live.

It was revealed this week that there has been a doubling of young pregnant women already afflicted by full blown diabetes. A dramatically greater almost six-fold increase of teenage pregnant girls already afflicted by full blown and adult diabetes – adult diabetes in those not yet even adults.

This news came in part by way of an American Diabetes Association (ADA) journal that emphasized after the fact medical approaches like insulin pumps while ignoring the before the fact nutritional matter that adult onset, Type II diabetes arises due to a gross deficiency of the nutrient mineral chromium. Diabetes is not the result of a lack of insulin in the diet.

Gross chromium deficiency occurs due to standard American dietary (SAD) choices that these ADA refuse to warn against, and even promote in the case of American Dietary Association operatives with exclusive and isolated control of institutionalized facilities.

A federal diabolical association (FDA) permits the annihilation of chromium from the food supply in violation of its own rules under the Wiley Act more commonly known as the Pure Food & Drug Act (PFDA).

This FDA allows pure, whole food grain to be dramatically adulterated with the result that 91 per cent of chromium is removed even though the United States Supreme Court ruled this to be a violation of PFDA almost 100 years ago.

The FDA also allows pure, whole food sugar cane to be dramatically adulterated with the result that 98 per cent of chromium is removed.

More than 90 per cent of chromium is therefore removed from nearly half the SAD (manipulated) choices of all Americans including the pregnant young women and girls earlier referenced.

Almost 50 years ago research scientists at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) discovered that the mineral chromium was vital for sugar metabolism. Soon thereafter the federal government recognized chromium as an essential mineral nutrient (meaning you can’t live without it) for its required role in blood sugar metabolism.

The federal government did not bring its practices in line with these new findings as they continued to undermine their own rules, regulations and just plain ol’ common sense.

The last 100 years have seen a dramatic escalation of consumption of foods stripped of almost all chromium. This results in each successive generation starting life with less chromium and running out faster and faster with each successive generation. That has resulted in constantly and dramatically escalating levels of diabetes occurring – and in younger and younger ages – while ADA and FDA groups stand by encouraging harmful practices.

The mainstream media promotes this harm as well with an ever growing polluted stream of advertising and “news”/propaganda stories.

It was also disclosed (though barely mentioned) in the journal article that the highest increase of all for pregnant women already diabetic was in those women older than 40. Only one of three mainstream news reports even deigned to mention this fact.

Discovery was made 40 years ago that a dramatic number of Americans had no detectable chromium levels by the age of 40 years. Conditions leading to that dismal fact have only worsened since then.

Also disclosed in this journal article is that diabetic pregnancies result in escalating numbers of birth defects.

The most exhaustive encyclopedic textbook on nutrition noted 25 years ago that the mineral chromium helps to maintain genetic integrity of the cell.

Almost 5 years ago chromium deficiency was noted as the logical key to birth defects in my own book on chromium connecting together the facts noted above. Subsequent to this numerous medical journal articles have reported (as though stunning news) that elevated blood sugar levels even among non-diabetic resulted in dramatically increased birth defect rates – though they never mention the mineral chromium.

This assault of American diabolical associations on pregnant (and non-pregnant) women and children (men, too) is at the very least a matter of criminal neglect.


Also disclosed in the past week is that the FDA did not publish or proclaim the news about more Merck magic (of the black variety) in contamination of children’s vaccines and bulk vaccine lots as part of 49 separate “areas of concern” and neglect. This covered more than 30 not-unexpected-inspections in a period of 90 days following up another major contamination episode of a common children’s vaccine.

One major pharmaceutical industry analyst noted that this was not unusual referring to it as “typical” thereby dismissing this multitude of findings as unimportant.

A mainstream news source reported that a Center for Disease Creation-trol and Promo-evention (CDC) spokesman noted the agency is not taking action because it “is not aware of problems with vaccines at the plant”.

You don’t suppose that the CDC "see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, speak-no-evil" inaction is compromised in any way by the intrinsic and considerable financial largesse they receive due to the vaccination paradigm?

Christopher C. Barr writes Naturally Speaking from Arkansas: The Natural State … naturally! You may write him at P. O. Box 1147, Pocahontas, Arkansas 72455 or by e-mail at

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