Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Inflating AIDS" - A Congressional "Bush" in Zimbabwe

Headline: House approves 50-billion-dollar AIDS package "The US House of Representatives Thursday approved a nearly 50-billion-dollar aid package to halt the spread of HIV/AIDS in the developing world over the next five years." Whose money are they going to send?

The Congress of the United States, sans Ron Paul and maybe a few others, are the de facto Black Magicians of the Western World, as evidenced by their lust for paper money "poofed" into existence from thin air. "Beware the money changers," because congress shows no evidence of "bewaring" at all.

Even if HIV caused AIDS (which I dispute), where in our Constitution does it give Congress the authority to tax Americans and send their hard-earned money to other nations and their corrupt governments, much less the drug companies that own them?

The "money" does not even help the problem for which it is sent as it is instead used to line the pockets of the ruling class in developing countries, while BIG PHARMA gets the lion's share of American Taxpayer "generosity." Basically, this 50 billion dollar AIDS package amounts to corporate welfare for multi-national drug companies that see every disease as evidence of a lack of their patented medications.

Since the disease is not caused by a lack of drugs, why do we insist on pumping poor, malnourished people with synthetic molecules, especially since they have nothing to do with restoring proper biological and immune function? Perhaps we could give AIDS drugs to every congressional representative who voted for this futile effort to eradicate a disease that is actually caused by malnutrition, environmental and pharmaceutical toxicity, polluted water and a lack of adequate sanitation.

"The bill extends and expands a 15-billion-dollar foreign aid programme that was first proposed by Bush and implemented in 2003..."

The 15 billion that was already committed by Bush "on our behalf" was not enough? Are we supposed to feel all warm and fuzzy because of the added inflation resulting in higher food and gas prices?

By the way, if he had listened to Ron Paul, Bush would know that higher prices do not cause inflation, but that inflation results in higher prices. From a biological perspective, how do you get through to dunderheads that still believe germs cause disease? Germs are actually the RESULT of disease. I suppose if you walk through life with an understanding of causation backwards, you see no problem in inflating the money supply to solve the crisis of inflation. Never mind that it's like using napalm to put out a forest fire. You may end up putting it out but there will be no forest left. What of the U.S. Economy? And what of those diagnosed by AIDS snuffed out by the drugs used to "treat" it?

Now for a moment of sanity, read what Ron Paul had to say about this legislation on the House Floor July 24, 2008:

Mr. Speaker, I rise in opposition to this irresponsible legislation, which will ship $48 billion overseas as foreign aid at a time when Americans are feeling the pressure of rapidly increasing inflation and a weakened dollar. It is particularly objectionable to ship money to fund healthcare overseas when so many Americans either struggle with high healthcare costs or avoid seeking medical assistance altogether due to lack of insurance or funds.

As we know, the federal government does not have $48 billion to send overseas so it will have to print the money. It is a cruel irony that this will add to inflation at home which will increase even further the costs of healthcare in the United States.

Mr. Speaker, I am saddened by the prevalence of disease in impoverished countries overseas. I certainly encourage every American concerned about HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria overseas to voluntarily provide assistance to help alleviate the problem. But I do not believe it is appropriate -- nor is it Constitutional -- to forcibly take money from American citizens to send abroad. I urge my colleagues to reject this and all foreign aid legislation.

That makes way too much sense for the White House and the rest of Congress to even consider. Which brings to mind even more questions. What kind of numbnut thinks that "disease and despair" can be eradicated by sending paper money and toxic drugs to Africa? Do we plan to go the way of Zimbabwe? And since when is the definition of "healing and hope" -- fiat money and deadly medicine?

"The bill will ensure that we are able to keep our commitments to replace disease and despair with healing and hope," White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said.

I guess that answers that question.

Just recall Congress. Or at least those who voted for this 50 billion dollar inflationary debacle. I've got an even better idea. Let's enhance G.W.'s self-esteem by having Congress "double-down" with a Zimbabwe 100 billion dollar bill.

How long before Ben Bernanke prints some for US too? Due to "USA, Inc.'s" generosity, the African continent will overflow with AIDS drugs but it will cost 50 billion to fill up our gas tanks back home. We should have listened to Ron Paul.

You can listen to my audio commentary on this topic during segment 5 of the July 27 show here.

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